Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The idea that the crime of the century, a crime of the "national security state" would depend on borrowing a car from Ruth Paine is ridiculous. This was a palace coup pulled off by Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar Hoover, etc. and financed by H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, H. David Byrd, etc. and the idea that these guys would have to borrow a car from Ruth Paine to get the job done is absurd. 

It's financially absurd, but it's also operationally absurd. They had plenty of time to prepare for the "Big Event", to anticipate everything they would need. The idea that at the last second they would have to borrow a car from a woman who lived in Irving is preposterous.

And linking Ruth Paine to Oswald's escape from Dealey Plaza would have been insane- like showing your hold cards in poker. Supposedly, she got him the job at the TSBD as a result of having afternoon tea with the neighborhood ladies in Irving. That story has enough credibility problems, but then to use her car to flight him out of Dealey Plaza? They might as well have announced from the rooftops that Ruth Paine was involved in the murder of JFK and the framing of Oswald. 

But, the people who champion this are doing a disservice to Lee Harvey Oswald, and they should not call themselves Oswald defenders. They are Oswald detractors. That's because they are claiming that scant minutes after the assassination, Oswald was in bed with the people who did it.

Oswald was told to go to the Texas Theater, but that was AFTER the assassination. A woman who worked across the street from the Book Depository reported that he was seen talking to Jack Ruby in broad daylight. It was never pursed by the Dallas Police or the FBI for obvious reasons. But, I think it's likely that that is when Ruby instructed him to go to the theater. And Ruby himself was reportedly seen at the theater- by George Applin, who wound up dead.  

But, being picked up by a driver 10 minutes after the assassination would have to be arranged beforehand. And in Ruth Paine's car? Remember what Oswald's perspective of Ruth Paine was, that she was this nice Quaker woman who was helping out his wife and kids. He even called her "Mrs. Paine". She was only 32 years old. Why would a 24 year old be so deferential to a 32 year old? Why didn't he call her Ruth? He was being respectful, and he certainly did not know that she was a CIA agent. So, why would he think that Mrs. Paine was connected to the men who killed Kennedy? When he was told that David Sanchez Morales would be picking him up in Ruth Paine's car, why wasn't he shocked? 

Richard Hooke keeps forgetting that Lee Harvey Oswald was completely unaware that Ruth Paine was a CIA agent. To his mind, she was just this nice, kind Quaker lady who was helping his wife and kids- and even letting him sleep at her house and undoubtedly feeding him. The lunch that he brought to work that day came from Mrs. Paine's house. She even gave him driving lessons. He thought she was this kind, generous woman and mother- not an intelligence agent. 

So, for Lee Harvey Oswald to have made an arrangement to get in a car driven by David Sanchez Morales and belonging to Ruth Paine ten minutes after the assassination of JFK means that he was not innocent. It means that he was in bed with the people who killed Kennedy. It means that he went to work that day knowing that something was going to happen that day that would enable him to leave work at 12:40. 

And why, if he was already in a moving car, would he have to go to the theater? If the idea was to get him to Redbird Airport, why not just go there? And if he had to be passed off to someone else, why do it at a theater? The person he was meeting had to have a car, right? If he didn't, what use would he be to Oswald? So, why didn't they just go to wherever this person was or meet someplace where a quick transfer from one car to the other could take place? Why take Oswald to the theater for him to have to try to find this person in the dark of the theater when it was totally unnecessary? 

And as I keep saying, Oswald was supposed to be the lone gunman, so why have him running down the Grassy Knoll in an excited state in broad daylight to be swifted away in a getaway car? 

But, the worst thing is what it says about Oswald's state of mind. If he was innocent, if he had no foreknowledge of the murder of the President Kennedy, then why would he be getting in a car with David Sanchez Morales ten minutes after the assassination? How could that possibly be consistent with him being innocent?

As I've said, the people who champion this cite all kinds of problems with the public transportation story but they ignore- with complete abandon- the many problems with the getaway car story, the worst being that it it impugns Oswald. If you really think that Lee Harvey Oswald was an American hero, Richard Hooke, then you shouldn't be saying that he got in a car with David Sanchez Morales ten minutes after the assassination. There would be nothing innocent about that.

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