Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The issue of when the lone nut depiction of Oswald was decided upon is important in reference to the claim of Oswald being picked up in Dealey Plaza by a private driver. I am not a proponent of that theory, as you probably know. But frankly, it does not mesh with the lone nut idea at all because a lone nut assassin cannot have a getaway driver in a getaway car. That doesn't work. 

So, to surmount that problem, some CTs came up with the idea that it wasn't until later in the afternoon on 11/22 that the conspirators decided to go lone-nut, that prior to that, including at 12:40, they intended to portray Oswald as being part of a pro-Castro group. Then, supposedly, somebody got a flash of wisdom, and put in motion a sea-change to depict him as a lone nut- that they changed course in the middle of the afternoon. And supposedly, that explains how both things could be true, where you have a lone nut assassin being picked up in a getaway car by a getaway driver. 

But, this theory is a brazen argument of convenience which abandons all objectivity and reason. It is utter rationalization. The fact is that there is no basis to assume such a thing. For instance, there is no individual you can name who got this sudden jolt of wisdom that lone nut was the way to go. Who? Lyndon Johnson? There is no evidence of any execution of such a sudden sea-change in strategy. And there is concrete evidence that depicting Oswald as a "lone" operator was firmly in place long before November 22, particularly that they depicted him as the "lone" member of the New Orleans chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. 

What it is is just a desperate attempt to rationalize the contradiction of Oswald being a lone nut at the same time that he had a getaway driver and car. But, you can't have it both ways. There is no rationalizing it. 

And remember that Oswald had no friends in Dallas. It's not as though he could have arranged for the pickup. And why would he? He didn't have any plans of killing Kennedy that day. Why would Oswald have any expectation of leaving work that day at 12:40? When he arrived at work that morning, he asked Junior Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk outside. 

So, Oswald's handlers- the conspirators who were killing Kennedy and framing him- were the ONLY ones who could have arranged for the pickup. But, why would they do it when they knew he was supposed to be a lone nut?  

So, here's an idea: give it up. Just accept that the Lee Harvey Oswald we know did not get in any private car that afternoon. Whoever Roger Craig saw get in the Nash Rambler was somebody else. It had to be somebody else.  That makes sense to me.  

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