Thursday, October 30, 2014

Here's a thought that is worth considering. Oswald spent the night before the assassination at the home of Ruth Paine, and he slept in the same room, the same bed, as Marina. 

Are we to assume that he kept clothes at Ruth Paine's house? He did not live there, and he never lived there. Therefore, I do not think it is reasonable to assume that he kept clothes there.

Did he bring a change of clothes with him? I don't think we can make that assumption. If he did, then he would have had a bag with him on the drive out to Irving on Thursday, and Buell Frazier never claimed that. 

So, that would mean that Oswald wore the same clothes on Thursday that he did on Friday. And that would mean that Marina got a good and close look at those clothes, including the tattered outer shirt and the stretched, notched t-shirt. And that puts her in very good stead to say whether the Altgens Doorman was her husband or not. And within just the last week, she acknowledged to Tom Rossley that the Altgens Doorman was her husband and that she recognizes the clothes on his back. 

Note that on the right, it is Oswald in every way, the man and the clothing, EXCEPT for his hairline and the shape of the top of his head, which is what they moved over to turn him into Lovelady. That alteration cannot be denied because the difference is stark. 

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