Thursday, October 30, 2014

Olov Kalderén And you, Ralph Cinque are also making assumptions based on the scribble called The Fritz Notes. They are not evidence. They might be genuine but on the other hand they might not. Conclusion: we don't know what really happened during Oswalds interrogations since there aren't any real records. That's why "what if's" are one way of looking at other possibilities, evaluate them and discard if they don't work out. That is not being childish, that is keeping an open mind to all possibilities. 
By the way, why shouldn't Oswald want his wife to live with a CIA agent? He was CIA himself, so whats the problem? You and I wouldn't, but that's because we now know what CIA really are.

What? That is ridiculous. The Fritz Notes are hard physical evidence, and the discovery of "out with Bill Shelley in front" in the Fritz Notes is one of the biggest finds in all of JFK assassination research, and I mean in 51 years. 

Those notes were taken by Fritz, in his own handwriting, and for himself only. He never told anyone that they existed. He even denied having them- that's how private they were. 

So now you want to deny the validity of the Fritz Notes to continue your stubborn delusion that Oswald got into Ruth Paine's Nash Rambler that she didn't even own? 

And we know for sure that Fritz took those notes during the interrogations because at one point he repeated a question to Oswald, and Oswald said: "You've been taking notes, so look it up." 

So, you are suggesting that in the midst of taking these notes, Fritz was also fabricating lies for Oswald? That he had that mindset? How could he possibly think that fast?

Or are you suggesting that Fritz took real notes during the questioning, but then later concocted the notes we have? But, why would he do that when he did nothing with the notes in his lifetime except to deny having them and keep them in hiding? And why, if the notes are fake, would he include "out with Bill Shelley in front"? Since Bill Shelley wasn't out there in front after the assassination, having left with Lovelady immediately for the railroad tracks, it could only have been a reference to DURING the assassination. How could Oswald even have known that Bill Shelley was out there on the steps unless he was out there with him? 

And here's another proof that Shelley and Lovelady left immediately for the railroad tracks: Lovelady said that people were "hollering and crying". There was pandemonium, but it was short-lived; it was over very quickly. Shelley and Lovelady were part of that post-assassination throng, which happened very fast. We're not talking about 10 minutes later, and not even 5 minutes later. It was immediate. 

So, if the Fritz Notes are fake, if they were concocted to lie and mislead, Fritz never would have put down that Oswald said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front".  That is like the proof of authenticity. 

And, while questioning the authenticity of the Fritz Notes, you want to treat the Roger Craig claims as Gospel? Craig's claims aren't even consistent. Was the driver "colored" as in African-American or was he a Latin or was he a dark-skinned white? Who knows? Craig couldn't make up his mind. Was the Nash Rambler white or light green? Craig changed his mind about that too. Did Buddy Walthers report seeing the car at Ruth Paine's house? No, he did not, not in his affidavit nor in his testimony, but Craig said he did. Did Fritz use the word "station wagon" to Oswald or vice versa? Who knows because Craig was inconsistent about that too, and Fritz denied everything.  

The beauty of a written note is that it is immutable; it never changes. So, don't even begin compare the evidentiary value of the Fritz Notes to the claims of Roger Craig. 

And why shouldn't Oswald want his wife to live with a CIA agent? He never even told his wife that HE was a CIA agent. And when an FBI agent went to talk to his wife, he screamed bloody murder and read the guy the riot act. Right during the interrogation, with everything else going on, and with all the trouble he was in, he chewed the guy out for doing it. I am referring to Hosty. 

Oswald lived a double life. He separated his life with Marina and his children from his life as a CIA agent. When did Marina ever say that Oswald told her he was in the CIA? And all that CIA stuff he did in New Orleans, how come Oswald never said a word about it to Marina? And remember that for most of the time, Marina was living there with him in New Orleans. Oswald went there in April, and after he found a job there and a place to live, Ruth Paine drove his family down in May. Do you know how long Marina stayed there? Practically the whole time that Oswald was there. She didn't leave for Irving until September 23. Oswald followed 10 days later, arriving on October 3.

So, all that time that he was supposedly having an affair with Judyth, he was going home to Marina at night. I don't claim to know anything about that, but nobody has ever cited any evidence of this affair other than Judyth saying that it happened. I'm just pointing out that Judyth's claims aren't backed by anyone else. 

So, each of us must decide whether to believe her claim about it or not, but what is very clear is that Oswald kept his CIA life out of his home life. And that's why I am sure he did not want his wife living with a CIA agent. 

There is not a speck of evidence that Oswald thought of Ruth Paine as anything but this nice Quaker lady who was being charitable to his wife, and that her situation was that she was a mother raising two children in which she was separated on good terms from her husband, Michael. That's it! And it would be very presumptuous and unwarranted to assume anything else. 

If you are going to do it, you have to come up with some evidence. You can't just say that maybe he knew she was a CIA agent. Based on what? Your imagination doesn't count. 



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