Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oswald never went to Mexico City. And he said so himself. According to Mae Brussells, a recognized chronicler of Oswald's statements, his exact words were: " I was never in Mexico City. I have been in Tijuana." 

So, was this yet another lie that Oswald told to Police? How did he ever expect to exonerate himself if he was constantly lying to Police?

That Oswald denied going to Mexico City is an absolute fact which nobody can deny. But,. Mark Lane also denies it. This is from page 205 of Last Word: 

“The entire story about Oswald being in the Cuban embassy was a fiction created by the CIA. Oswald had never been to Mexico City.”

The following excerpts come from Martin Hay's review of Last Word. 

"The legend was dependent on Sylvia Duran, the Cuban consul with whom Oswald allegedly spoke, but the Warren Commission never saw fit to call her as a witness. Why? Because when she was first questioned Duran denied ever seeing Oswald there. The CIA wasted no time in directing its assets in the Mexico City police department to place her under arrest, put her in isolation, and keep the arrest a secret. After a period of solitary confinement, Duran agreed to sign a statement prepared by the CIA that identified Oswald as the person in the Cuban embassy. When she was released from prison, Duran was understandably outraged and began speaking out against the Mexican police, unaware that the CIA was behind it all. The CIA then ordered her rearrested, and in a cable marked “priority”ordered the Mexican authorities 'to take responsibility for the whole affair.' By not calling her to give testimony, the Warren Commission avoided having these inconvenient facts cluttering up their report."

"The CIA also claimed to have photographs of Oswald entering the Soviet embassy and a tape recording of a phone call but neither turned out to be true. When the photo materialized, it showed a middle-aged man who did not resemble Oswald in the slightest. The tape recording of the man identifying himself as “Lee Oswald” was listened to by the seven different FBI agents who interviewed Oswald on November 22 and 23, and all agreed, according to a memo written by J.Edgar Hoover himself, that the voice on the tape “was NOT Lee Harvey Oswald.” (p. 206 of Last Word)

"When David Phillips, who ran the CIA's Mexico City Cuban desk in 1963—and was largely responsible for the Mexico city legend—was called to testify in the early days of the HSCA, he swore that he was unable to provide the tape recordings because they had been destroyed before the assassination as a matter of routine. Upon hearing this, Lane went to the committee offices to see Bob Tanenbaum. He handed him an envelope containing a copy of the Hoover memo, and told him that, once he read it, he would know what to do. And he did. Phillips was called back for further questioning and asked again to explain why he could no longer provide the tapes, to which he restated his previous testimony: that they were routinely destroyed before November 22. At that point, Tanenbaum pulled out the Hoover memo proving this to be a lie and handed it to Phillips. Phillips read the document, folded it up, put it in his pocket, then silently stood and walked out of the room. “At that moment”, Lane notes, Phillips was “guilty of obstructing Congress and numerous counts of perjury and uttering false statements.” (p. 228)

"Phillips had clearly lied to the HSCA. But, according to Lane, he was ready to tell the truth some years later during a debate at the University of Southern California. At one point, when Phillips was claiming to regret the CIA attempts to destroy Lane and opining on the difficulties of being an employee of the Agency, a student in the audience yelled out, “Mexico City, Mr. Phillips. What is the truth about Mexico City?” Phillips replied, “...I will tell you this, that when the record comes out, we will find that there was never a photograph taken of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City...let me put it, that is a categorical statement, there, there, we will find out there is no evidence, first of all no proof of that. Second there is no evidence to show that Lee Harvey Oswald ever visited the Soviet embassy.” (p. 229) Curiously, although Lane first reported this exchange in his 1991 book Plausible Denial, this seeming confession has gone largely ignored by both defenders of the official story and those critical of it."

Summing up, Martin Hay says:

"Mexico City was the perfect way to precipitate the invasion of Cuba that the CIA and the Cuban exiles so desperately craved. Which is precisely why David Phillips and the CIA's Mexico City station engineered the whole thing two months before the assassination. But, Johnson's fear of a nuclear exchange put a halter to the ultimate goal of those responsible for orchestrating the Mexico City charade—the very reason it was staged in the first place—an invasion of Cuba and the downfall of Castro's government."

These are all official images of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City, but you can see that not one of them was him. 

Oswald did not go to Mexico City. He really didn't.

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