Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I have pointed out many times that the Dallas Police could never have been conspiring WITH Jack Ruby because there is no way Jim Leavelle would have been willing to be in the position he was when the shot was fired, that is, in the path of the bullet- and shot, supposedly, by Jack Ruby, of all people. 

That should tell you something, that no real bullet was fired. You'd have to be out of your mind to be in Leavelle's position if a real bullet was involved.

But now I want to talk about the guy behind Oswald in the dark jacket and light hat. His name was Detective LD Montgomery. The Wizard just told me something about him, that Montgomery volunteered some information about James Bookhout.  He said that Bookhout asked him afterwards, "What did you do?" Montgomery said he told him, "You were right there, Bookhout. We handcuffed Oswald; we walked around to the elevator, got on the elevator to go down. Where'd you go? You were right there with us."

So, Bookhout was there when Oswald's final trek began on the 3rd floor. So, what did Bookhout do? He said: "I walked back to the squad room and turned up the squawk box." I presume that referred to the police radio. "I wanted to hear the shooting. Didn't you know that the chief had received a call during the night that Oswald was going to be shot?"  

So, Montgomery claimed that Bookhout foretold the shooting. But, he, Bookhout, was a federal law enforcement officer. So, if he really believed that, why didn't he do something about it? Why didn't he implore Fritz not to take Oswald down there? The behavior being described here is very weird.  

This was reported in Larry Snead's book No More Silence, but why did Montgomery speak of Bookhout at all? I say it's a smoking gun in itself. You couldn't resist talking about him, huh Leslie, and that's because you knew he was the real shooter in that little show you put on in the basement, eh? I think his mind went to Bookhout precisely because he knew very well that Bookhout was the garage shooter.  

You understand, don't you, that there are NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination, even though he followed Oswald around like his shadow? And, there are no images of James Bookhout from before the JFK assassination or from after the JFK assassination, and for the rest of his life. There wasn't even an image of him in his obituary. The ONLY images we have of him are those from his school yearbooks when he was young. And they were all altered, with drag queen eyebrows and more.  What Bookhout did after the assassination was take a year off- while still getting paid. Why? Because: he could not be seen. He could not be seen because he was the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. Bookhout claimed that after he heard of the shooting (which according to Montgomery, he anticipated) he went down to the jail office and was gawking at Oswald's body on the floor, but then, he did not join the throng of officers who went to Parkland Hospital. Why? Again, Bookhout could not be seen. He needed to disappear into the woodwork. And he retained the determination to never get in front of a camera again for the rest of his life. Why? Again, because he was the garage shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Note that LD Montgomery is also the one who found the brown paper bag which supposedly housed the rifle, and he paraded it around outside the TSBD.  But, let's get the story straight: there was NO bag. There was only brown wrapping paper fashioned into a pseudo-bag. But, there is nothing pseudo about the bag Montgomery paraded around. It's a real bag. You can't tell me that Oswald made that with paper and tape. You can't tell me that anyone could have made that with paper and tape. It is obviously a manufactured bag. 

Reportedly, Montgomery has got a stick inside the bag which he is using to prop it up. But, that is not some wrapping paper that was folded and taped. It's a real bag. And note that this bag disappeared after that. They went with a different and much cruder bag and said it was Oswald's. Somebody must have realized that this bag is too good to be something that Oswald made in a flash on Thursday afternoon out of paper and tape.  

What if you grabbed some wrapping paper and tape, and you had to make a bag out of it? Do you think you could make something that looked like that? And not only looked like that but held up perfectly even though it was filled with sharp jagged metalic rifle parts. There is this thing that paper does: it tears. But, not this bag. And note that Frazier parked several blocks away from the building, and he and Oswald had to walk. So, with hard metal parts jostling around inside a makeshift paper bag, how could it hold up so well? How could it not get torn? 

They quickly got rid of that bag because it was too good a bag to be just a bunch of paper taped together, and it was in too good condition for one that was already used to transport a disassembled rifle. 

And think about it: What would Oswald have done when he was ready to take the rifle parts out of the bag? He would have just torn it open, right? He was presumably in a bit of a hurry, right? So, he would  not have neatly opened the bag to get the rifle parts out and keep the bag intact. He didn't care about the bag. It wasn't even a bag, but rather, just a bunch of paper. So, how could it possibly look like that (that good) AFTER he used and did all those things?

Oh, the stench of the official story of the JFK assassination, it is foul; it is putrid.  And you have to be brain-dead to believe it. The only thing holding it up is patriotism. But, what are the people who believe it being patriotic to? It's not to America because America died, and I can tell you when. It was on November 22, 1963.  

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