Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The lie that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy is so outrageous, it is despicable. The photograph of Oswald standing in the doorway during the shooting should be enough for most people to recognize that he didn't do it, considering that you can identify not just him, but his clothing. But, there are other dealbreakers. There is the fact that he could not have ordered the rifle. Mail did not travel from Dallas to Chicago in one day. I don't know which bonehead made up that one, but they had Oswald's envelope mailed one day, March 12, and reaching Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago the very next day, March 13, and being processed by them, where they got it ready for deposit all in one day.

The official story goes that, on March 12,  without permission, Oswald left his post at work at Jaggars/Chiles/Stovall Printing and Graphic Arts. This company did mostly high-security work for the federal government and the U.S. Military, and no company trying to appeal to the general public would go by the name Jaggars/Chiles/Stovall. It ain't catchy. But, the story goes that he left his job at work and walked 11 blocks to the downtown post office and bought a postal money order. And then, for some strange, inexplicable reason, instead of mailing it right there at, you know, the post office? he walked several miles over the Trinity River and mailed it from "zone 12". Then, he walked back to work, where he was never missed, and where, somehow, he completed 9 printing projects that morning, a hefty output, even though he was gone for much of the time. 

Then, his letter somehow reached Klein's the very next day (there was no overnight delivery at 1963, not even as expedited mail) where it was stamped for deposit by them. But, the check was never deposited, and we know that because it never got a bank stamp on it. And that's never as in not at all. It is absolutely impossible for that money order to have gone through the banking system without being stamped. And it would have been stamped by multiple banks handling it. But, Klein's stamp is the only stamp on it.

This money order was supposedly found in postal processing center in Arlington, Virginia, but if it had been deposited in Chicago, it would have wound up in a postal processing center in Kansas City. But, there is absolutely no question that it did not go through the banking system at all, it having not the stamp of a single bank on it.  It is painfully and woefully obvious that the paper trail of Oswald having ordered a mail-order rifle from Klien's Hardware in Chicago is fake, fake, fake. 

And remember that Oswald was asked if he owned a rifle, and he said that he did not. It's obvious that he was telling the truth. 

And look at the name A. Hidell. That had to be the person to which the rifle was sent, but that name was not on Oswald's alleged P.O. Box. And I say alleged because Oswald never acknowledged having a P.O. Box. Postal Inspector Harry Holmes testified that Oswald received at the P.O. Box, not personal mail, but Socialist and Russian newspapers, to which he subscribed, the latter coming all the way from Russia, but they have never showed us a single such newspaper in Oswald's possession at his room. I guess he wasn't a hoarder. 

I don't buy Oswald having a P.O. Box at all. What did he need it for? Why get a downtown P.O. Box when he didn't live downtown, and he had no car? And why would he start his emergency instructions to Marina (written in Russian) with an admonition to go to the P.O. Box when there was nothing in it that she could possibly need or want? They were just trying to associate Oswald with the P.O.Box in his own handwriting. 

The framing of Oswald was, and is. an outrageous, outlandish fraud that a middle-schooler could see through. It's all based on lies as preposterous as the lie that burning desks, chairs, and computers felled a 47 story steel building. 

How did the once great United States of America become a nation that is sustained by lies, lies, despicable lies?   


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