Monday, October 22, 2018

If the Dallas Police really wanted to protect Oswald, they would have moved him in the dead of night, with no fanfare at all. 

Now, other people have said that, and I'm sure you've heard it before. But, I really want you to think about it, how outrageous it is that they were going on the radio, saying how perilous it was for Oswald, that over 100 threats had been phoned in, and yet, they were making a spectacle of his jail transfer? 

That they chose to move him that way proves, not that they were trying to protect him from harm, but that they were trying to deliver him to harm. They were engaged in harming him. 

Why did they have to make a press spectacle out of moving him? And really, it was a public spectacle because the public knew about it. The excuse they gave was that the press was clamoring to see Oswald and have access to him. But, the press had seen plenty of Oswald over the last two days. Look at all the photographs and footage we have. And since when do the police take orders from the press? They could have just told them where to go, and what to do when they got there. That isn't hard. 

What they did was not just stupid, it was demonstrably stupid; it was conspicuously stupid. It was a Benjamin Braddock kind of thing.
No police department would seriously transfer an endangered prisoner this way. They'd have put him in a bullet-proof vest and moved him in the dead of night, telling no one until the next day. "Oswald was moved to the County Jail last night in the wee hours of the morning." Period. Finished. And if anyone doesn't like it, tough shit. 

But, the problem is that the people who have pointed this out before have been stupid. I don't say they are stupid through and through, but they are stupid about this. That's because they assume that the Dallas Police plotted to kill Oswald (true) but that they did it in collusion with Jack Ruby, that he and they were working together. 

Don't they know anything about conspiracies? In a conspiracy, all the conspirators expect to win. They all expect to come out smelling like a rose. They all expect to get away with it- whatever the criminal endeavor is. They all expect to profit- and to thrive. 

But, in this case, Ruby was going to be caught immediately, and then he was going to be prosecuted by the Dallas Police, who were going to seek to get him the death penalty. So, they could not have been conspiring together. On the contrary, if they had been conspiring together, Ruby would have had to be killed on the spot. They couldn't let him live; not when he knew the truth; not when he knew their secrets. How could they trust him to keep his mouth shut? They couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't. They would have known that, over time, he would have likely grown weary of being the fall guy, and he would have started singing like a canary. They couldn't take that chance. They would have had to silence him immediately- if not sooner. THE VERY FACT THAT JACK RUBY WAS ALLOWED TO LIVE FOR THREE YEARS TELLS YOU THAT HE DID NOT CONSPIRE WITH THE DALLAS POLICE AND HE KNEW NOTHING. 

And, the same goes for the Mafia.  If Ruby had conspired with the Mafia, they would have had to kill him immediately. Why? Because: if the Mafia was involved in killing Oswald, then they also had to be involved in killing Kennedy. That's a given. So, the Ruby-and-the-Mafia story destroys not only Ruby's lone nut story, but Oswald's as well. 

So, there is no doubt whatsoever that Jack Ruby knew absolutely nothing, and he conspired with no one. And, that is exactly what he persistently and always said, and he wasn't lying.  He wasn't mentally capable of lying. He was an open book. He pleaded for a polygraph test and even offered to take truth serum.

So, what I have been telling you is the truth, that Jack Ruby was manipulated into going to the police garage. They used Karen Carlin to get him to the Western Union office. Then, they must have had someone who nonchalantly suggested that he go down and see what was going on at the police ramp. It might have been the guy who worked at Western Union. Doyle Lane. Or it might have been someone else who was in there. Or it might have been someone that Ruby passed on the street. Ruby was drugged with something that lowered his resistance; probably scopolamine, which the CIA learned about from the Nazis. Then, when Ruby got to the ramp, all someone had to say was, "Go on down there. Check it out" and he would have done it. 

And realize that there was no reason for any spectators to be there. It was an in-coming ramp, and nobody was expected to be arriving. Ostensibly, there was nothing happening; nothing to see. Those spectators were there to be a magnet for Ruby, and that is all. 

The point is that the scenario I am giving you is not speculative. It's the only one that makes sense. It's the only one that can be true.  Jack Ruby was an innocent patsy who had no ability to fight back.  At least Oswald could fight back and did- for a couple days. Ruby was just out of it. He was so incompetent mentally, he never got to first base in figuring out what happened to him. He was utterly clueless, and so were his lawyers, who were utterly useless.   


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