Friday, October 5, 2018

I've said before, and I'll tell you again, that I don't believe Oswald had a P.O. Box. He had no need for one. He certainly didn't need the extra expense. And it wasn't even convenient. The alleged P.O. Box was downtown, and he didn't live there. So, why would a guy without a car get a P.O. Box so far from where he lived? All he supposedly got in it was Socialist and Russian newspapers. Do you really think Oswald was paying to have Russian newspapers mailed to Texas? From Russia? To anyone who thinks that, I got two words for you, and the second one is "you." 

But, there's another reason why his alleged P.O. Box is crying-out-loud fake. And that reason is: Oswald's so-called "cryptic note" to Marina, which was found by Ruth Paine in December. 

It, supposedly, pertained to Oswald's shooting attempt on General Walker, but let me begin by stating emphatically that Oswald did not shoot at General Walker, and he did not even own a rifle. So, it was physically impossible for him to have shot at Walker, and there isn't a stitch of evidence that he did. 

But supposedly, before attempting it, he wrote a handwritten note to Marina, in Russian, which was her "to-do" list in the event that he was shot to death by police. And that is the scenario he was referring to- his death- because he instructed her to throw away or give away all his clothes.  And at the very top of his list of instructions is an instruction pertaining to the P.O. Box.

1. This is the key to the mailbox which is located in the main
post office in the city on Ervay Street. This is the same street
where the drugstore, in which you always waited is located. You
will find the mailbox in the post office which is located 4
blocks from the drugstore on that street. I paid for the box
last month so don’t worry about it.

So, we are expected to believe that that P.O. Box was the first thing that came to his mind to give guidance to Marina about in the event of his death. You see, I find that hard to believe. I think it was written that way, by the perpetrators, just to establish the P.O.Box as his, to link him to it in his own handwriting. And there is more:

5. The money from work will possibly be coming. The money will
be sent to our post office box. Go to the bank and cash the

Why would his money from work be sent to the P.O. box? There is no evidence that the TSBD knew anything about a of his.  And they didn't mail pay checks there- they handed them out. There is no reason to think that they were aware of a P.O. box of Oswald's. And why would they send it there anyway? Presumably, it would make the news if their employee was killed in a gun battle with police. They'd have heard about it the next day, right? So, why mail money to the P.O. box of a dead guy?  I presume they would have sought to contact Marina about any money that was owed him.  Or, they may have gone to the police with it. But, the idea that his paycheck from work was going to wind up in his P.O. box is preposterous. And how was Marina supposed to cash it? It would have been made out to Lee Harvey Oswald, right? So, how could she walk up to the teller and cash it? Of course, eventually, she would have gotten legal access to his banking and finances, but not immediately. 

What this is is very bad script writing. And the fact that it starts with the P.O. Box and then goes back to it tells me that there was no P.O. Box. It's just something they created as part of the mail-ordering the rifle story. And note that they never asked Oswald whether he had a P.O. Box. And it's because they already knew his answer: NO. 

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