Wednesday, October 10, 2018

On November 15, CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations) is holding a one-day conference, and among the speakers is a man, John T. Orr, who is going to be present the most advanced and sophisticated 3-D model of Dealey Plaza, including the shooting trajectories, that has ever been done, and it will completely demolish the Single Bullet Theory. Here is a write-up about it:

"CAPA is pleased to announce that John T. Orr, Jr., former chief of the Atlanta office of the Department of Justice Anti-trust Division and the author of a 72-page report on JFK assassination that has been submitted to the FBI, will be revealing for the first time the results of the 3D-animation project. This project, which was privately funded by individuals on both sides of the debate. engaged a world-renown Forensic Engineering & Animation firm to collect precise laser measurements of Dealey Plaza, scan extent photos of the assassination and the Zapruder film. The reconstruction is the only model of Dealey Plaza as it existed on November 22, 1963 down to several millimeters."
"Unlike prior reconstructions used for several TV programs, this is the only model that accurately aligns the bodies of both JFK and John Connolly in the limousine and also incorporates the differences in the relative sizes of the two men. Indeed, the model even took into account that Elm street had been paved several times in the past 50 years and is several inches higher than it was on that fateful day. The prior computer recreations appear to have been manipulated to achieve a pre-determined outcome. The 3D-project was a truly independent project whose only goal was to pursue the truth."
"The model is essentially a 3D-version of the Zapruder film that allows any shooting trajectory to be tested. Mr. Orr will show how the model refutes the single bullet theory beyond any reasonable doubt . Seating is limited. Early Bird Special ends Oct. 15th."

RC: What this sounds like to me, in the wake of Larry Rivera's excellent work, is that once again, science is catching up with the perpetrators of the JFK assassination. They can run, but they can't hide- not from the light of science. And note that the announcement said that this presentation has already been sent to the FBI. What's the FBI going to do with it? Well, we all know what they are going to do with it: nothing. But, the same thing goes for them; they can run, but they can't hide. And the same thing goes for the Kennedy family; they can run, but they can't hide, not after abandoning and betraying their loved one for 55 years. And why did they do it? To remain respectable, and probably because J. Edgar Hoover threatened Robert Kennedy with exposing John Kennedy's sex addiction and numerous health problems- even though it eventually all got exposed anyway. I would urge Mr. Orr to send a copy of his presentation to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It's time for a prominent Kennedy to join the JFK truth movement- for real.  

Here is the link to the CAPA conference:

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