Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Wizard speaks....


One other comment: it has been two years since we did the initial Bookhout image work, and all they have managed to present as counter-evidence has been the photo of (apparently) Crowder-as-Bookhout and the underwear nonsense (to account for Bookhout's light socks versus Ruby's dark ones) although there is also the strange cop with the pipe in the Homicide Office who does not resemble Bookhout's relatives in the slightest, including Bookhout's own son. I had half expected them to come up with something better, something more solid than what they proffered, such as, a report that Bookhout, Boyd, Sims and Hall had staged a "legitimate" re-enactment of Ruby's arrest, or something similar, but, instead, they have stuck to the desperate assertion that the Elevator Impostor is actually Jack Ruby, which is impossible. 

Perhaps they thought that it was better not to draw further attention to the matter. 


RC: I consider it pathetic and desperate, and laughably so, that they would try to convert Bob Crowder into James Bookhout.  And that other image, of the lonely, disassociated pipe smoker in the Homicide Office, is downright freaky. It is preposterous to claim that he was James Bookhout, and it is also preposterous to claim that after half a century, an image of Bookhout would just appear. It's too late. There is no excuse for why it would have gone missing for half a century. The real image of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination is this one below, where they put the hat there to cover Bookhout's face.

That's your James Bookhout, right where he said he was. And notice something about him: HE WAS SHORT! 

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