Friday, October 19, 2018

You should read this one page by Dave Perry, if you haven't. It gets a lot of visibility online.  In it, he claims to "clear" Roy Vaughn of purposely letting Jack Ruby enter the garage, but he stills thinks he did it, stupidly. And that is supposed to be clearing him, as in, "'You're not bad; you're just stupid."

Look: NOBODY could do it stupidly because it was too easy to guard that ramp. An 80 year old Walmart greeter could have done it: easily.

And, Perry points out that Officers Pierce, Maxim, and Putnam also didn't see Ruby, but, that just makes it more preposterous. If it was extremely unlikely that one officer would miss seeing Ruby enter, then how unlikely is it that four didn't see him? 

And, it was more than four. There was the former officer who was there, Napoleon Daniels, and the officer across the street, Dan Flusche. They didn't see Ruby either. So, that makes 6 police officers who didn't see Ruby sneak in. And according to Ruby, he didn't sneak. He didn't hide from anybody.   

But then, you also have to include the spectators who were there because if they were really just a spontaneous gathering of citizens, then surely one or more of them, upon seeing a man breach a police barrier, would have said something to the officer. Was nobody paying attention? 

Dave Perry think that this is an either/or situation; that either Roy Vaughn deliberately let Jack Ruby enter the garage OR he did it negligently. Why does it have to be one of those two things? Why not keep our minds open to a third and entirely different option?

And that option is that Roy Vaughn and Jack Ruby were there at different times, that Roy Vaughn was neither venal nor stupid, and Jack Ruby was no super-sleuth.  


And even if you don't like the sound of it, isn't it better than believing that 6 police officers missed seeing a man conspicuously walk down a ramp? 

I think the killing of Oswald was a joint Dallas Police/FBI operation, and I think the order for it came directly from Lyndon Johnson.      

And, I'm sure it was sold as a patriotic thing, that the national nightmare had to end, that the Kennedy family deserved closure, that there was going to be a nuclear war unless they did it, and besides- Oswald was a cop killer, so think about Tippit.  

This is NOT farfetched. It really happened. Ruby got to the ramp entrance early-  probably about an hour earlier than claimed. Lt. Pierce was there in his squad car, but alone in it. Another officer was there on foot, but, he wasn't Vaughn. Spectators were also there. Ruby walked down; he was jumped, piled upon, and dragged up to the 5th floor, where he was told that he shot Oswald, and in his drugged, demented state, he believed them. Vaughn was brought down and assigned to guard the ramp. And then the show began: bringing Oswald out, amid all the pomp and circumstance, with James Bookhout playing the role of Jack Ruby for the cameras, as they put on this stage play, this soap opera, this spectacle for the American people. Oswald was NOT shot in the garage. He was shot afterwards. What happened in the garage was pure theater.

Dave Perry needs to wake up. Six police officers did not miss seeing Ruby at the ramp and enter the garage. That is NOT tenable. That has to be rejected outright. Likewise, the idea that Ruby lied needs to be rejected because Ruby correctly identified Pierce, plus he had no reason to lie. He was accepting responsibility for shooting Oswald, so why would he lie about how he got in there? And if you think he collaborated with someone in the Dallas PD, you need to think again because if that were true, then they would have to kill him pronto. How could they trust him not to squeal? They couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't. 

So, what we are left with is that Roy Vaughn was telling the truth, and so was Jack Ruby. That means that they were there, at the ramp-head, at different times. And because of circumstances, Ruby had to be there BEFORE the shooting. So, he was there much earlier than 11:17, and it was before Roy Vaughn got started on his watch.  

This is the most logical scenario. It is the only thing that makes sense.   

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