Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The guy in the hall talking to Oswald was definitely James Bookhout and also the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald. If you look closely at him on the left, you'll see that they did masking over his eye, and they essentially removed his ear. Below, I did a little doctoring to his eye to remove what they did.

I have to wonder: why didn't they just destroy the film? Nobody was going to complain if it didn't exist. Did they ever think that someone in 2018 was going to expose what they did? No. They didn't even know that computers and the internet were coming, and that's what made it possible.  

Notice how short Bookhout's hair was in back on the left. That's a real razor cut, the usual FBI haircut. And they didn't want a guy with an FBI haircut mowing down Oswald.  Therefore, he wore a toupee. And that's why we see on the Garage Shooter this relatively long, thick hair in back that abuts with a clean shaven neck, as though he had gotten a haircut yesterday. But, if he got a haircut yesterday, then his hair wouldn't be so long, would it?

And remember how I found out about this. I did an internet search for "where to find an image of James Bookhout" and it pulled up a thread on the Education Forum in which someone asked that very question. And someone responded by providing this link, and saying that in it you can see Bookhout talking to Oswald. 

I don't know who he was. I went back to find out, but I could never find it again. I've looked for it again many times. I looked again tonight.  They must have taken it down. I remember that the person was male, and I also recall that he was a very established member. They have ranks there. 

James Bookhout lived until 2009, 95 years, which is super-longevous. Would he have lived that long if he was a pipe smoker? I doubt it. He lived 46 years past the assassination. And, he had the luxury of dying thinking that no one, on Earth, suspected that he was the Garage Shooter of Oswald- except those who were involved in the plot with him.  It must have been quite a comfort to him. But, if there is life after death, as many people believe, then perhaps now he knows that the jig is up. I'm thinking eternity may not be so wonderful for him- now- although, I suspect it's pretty hot where he is anyway. Thou shalt not kill, James.  It's one of the commandments. And even though I know your bullet was a blank, you still have blood on your hands. You were still part of the killing of Oswald. 

The Wizard informed me today that if you study that footage closely, you'll see that Bookhout seems to be nodding his head up and down in agreement with Oswald about something. I studied it, and now I agree with him. 

Here's what else is weird about that film: the sense that people have about Oswald. No one, not any detective, not any FBI agent, and not any reporter act as though Oswald is a mad dog killer. The reporter who says, "Here he is, Lee Oswald" says it like he was Ed McMahon introducing Johnny Carson. And then Oswald walks up to Bookhout and stops to talk to him, and nobody seemed to mind. He was doing his own thing.  

By the way, they were pretty nice to Ruby too. They always called him Jack. His guards played cards with him, regularly. And Sheriff Bill Decker would visit him once a week just to be make sure he was comfortable and had everything he needed. I wonder if he did that for all the prisoners at the Dallas County Jail. No I don't. I was just kidding. 

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