Wednesday, October 24, 2018


At the beginning of the Bookhout study, you talked about the possibility that Bookhout had gained Oswald's confidence. I have seen a couple of versions of the Oswald/Bookhout corridor encounter, and I'm reasonably sure that Bookhout is nodding in agreement with whatever Oswald has just said to him, possibly to humor him. It's just a glimpse but it's there.

There is an edit in that footage between Oswald's appearance at the elevator door and the moment they drag him away. Something was excised right there.


Wizard, I only know of this clip, and if you know of another one, please enlighten me.

So, it's 6:24 pm on Saturday, in the corridor of the 3rd floor, outside the Homicide Bureau. You're right about the edit. It cuts from this:

to this:
That's Bookhout on the left, the short guy. They closed his eye with an overlay. 

Notice that on the right we can see the depth in Oswald's face, its three-dimensionality; but not on Bookhout, whose face looks flat. There is a two-dimensional overlay there that they put over his face to shut his eye.  And look at that ridiculous bushy eyebrow they gave him. Compare it to Oswald's.  Oh, how they love messing with Bookhout's eyebrows. 
 Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that is fake. 

Now look at him from behind, with the same flabby neck as the Garage Shooter. 

Fat-necked fella, wasn't he? Skin bunched up in back. Both times. 

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