Saturday, October 20, 2018

Just think: The official story of the Oswald assassination is that 6 police officers, who were at a narrow ramp, failed to see a man enter and walk down the ramp in broad daylight.

That is a wall; a wall of non-credulity, and it is made of steel. Anyone over the age of 5 knows that that couldn't happen- unless the men were blind. 

Supposedly, the most lavish and exorbitant security measures ever taken in police history were taken to protect Oswald's life- so that  he could be walked 30 feet to a car. But, alas, one guy got in. He just walked down the ramp. And he wasn't seen by anybody, not the six policemen, and not the spectators either. It's like he was invisible.

That is what we are expected to believe. Why? Because it is a State decree; that's why. The Almighty State says it happened that way, and if you are a faithful minion of the Almighty State, you believe it.    

But, what if you don't? Where does it lead?

I have a cousin who likes to say, "We are all the products of government schools." That's what public schools are; government schools, where you are taught not only what to think, but how to think, and how to suppress your inborn desire to call horse shit, horse shit, when you see it. 

If it can't possibly be true that a bumbling, Clouseau-like man (Jack Ruby) breached a narrow checkpoint populated with 6 policemen, it means that the police were not trying to keep him out, but rather, get him in. But, they could not be working with him because they were going to prosecute him, which means he could not be holding any secrets of theirs. It means they had to pick someone who would be oblivious to their manipulations of him. They found that person in Jack Ruby. 

They guided him to that garage. They put Karen Carlin up to goading him for money so that he would go to Western Union. Are you aware that, in effect, Karen Carlin went into the witness protection program afterwards? They even created a false story that she died. Even famed JFK researcher Penn Jones fell for it. In reality, she changed her name and moved to Michigan. Now think about why it was thought necessary for her to do that.  

The official story of the Oswald assassination is just as bogus as the official story of the JFK assassination. And it hinged on exploiting a mentally impaired man; Jack Ruby. 

And, they knew that he was mentally impaired. So, think about it: Do you really think they wanted a mentally impaired man firing a gun in that crowded cubbyhole? If you were Jim Leavelle, would you feel safe knowing that the only thing between you and the bullet of a whacked-out man was the skinny body of Lee Oswald?  

They didn't need Jack Ruby to kill Oswald. They could do that themselves. They only needed Jack Ruby for one thing: to take the blame for killing Oswald. 

But, my point is that just from you knowing that the story of how Ruby got in is bull shit tells you that they, the ones telling the story, the Dallas Police, had to be the real killers.    

Just from knowing that, supposedly, Dallas cops Vaughn, Pierce, Maxim, Putnam, Daniels, and Flusche were there but didn't see Ruby as he openly strolled in, tells you that Dallas Police had to be the real killers.

But, Dallas Police would never have done it by themselves. It had to be sanctioned by a higher authority- the highest authority in the land, the President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson. 

And the fact that federal law enforcement (the FBI) got right with it supporting the Dallas Police narrative, tells you that the feds were involved. But, this was a time of national crisis, and you can be sure the top "fed" was calling the shots. And, the top fed was Lyndon Johnson. 

Lyndon Johnson was the Commander in Chief. And you know that, in wartime, U.S. soldiers will fire upon and kill whomever the Commander in Chief tells them to. And even though they don't usually get the order directly from him, they understand that the chain of command goes to the top, and he is at the top.  Men who  have no inclination to hurt or kill anyone will kill on command of the President. That's what this was about. It's what got them over the hurdle of the normal human revulsion to taking a human life. And note that ALL of the DPD detectives and officers were former military, and some were still active in the Reserves. So, it was easy for them to fall into a military state of mind, where they were obeying and carrying out an order, and from the Commander in Chief. 

You know that the plan was for Oswald to be killed on the very day, don't you? I don't know who told Oswald to go to the Texas Theater, but we know darn well that he didn't get a hankering for a war movie, and his behavior in the theater shows that he was looking for someone. And, it was someone he didn't know because he kept getting up and changing seats, sitting next to various people. He wouldn't have done that if he knew, and could recognize, the person he was looking for.  

But, I don't assume they had an actual assassin there for him at the theater. That's because, if they did, he would have been shot. But, I think they were hoping that it would happen spontaneously because he was armed, and he was a cop-killer, and they were cops. Let Nature take its course, so to speak.

But, as you know, it didn't happen. It probably got pretty close to happening. There were guns trained on him.  Just a little more itch in a trigger finger is all it would have taken. 

And as a result, Oswald got to live two more days. And he did himself a lot of good in those days. How many times did he vehemently deny guilt on camera? At least 13 that I know of. He also came across as a) very lucid, b) very mature, c) very good at expressing himself, and d) not the least bit maniacal. Again, think about how they created a noise racket for the Midnight Press Conference to cover up the fact that Oswald came across as the most rational and civilized person in the room, in no way like a mad dog killer.  He was calm, poised, and in control. 

But remember: they worked on that Altgens photograph for hours to get him out of the doorway. It was childish and stupid of them to think we wouldn't still notice that it's him. You can still see his face, his build, and the shirt he was wearing. People from all over the world saw the photo and thought it was Oswald. But, the perpetrators didn't care about them. They were worried about Oswald, knowing, for sure, that he was going to tell his lawyer that that was him. 

Can you understand now why killing Oswald was an absolute imperative? And before he talked to a lawyer. They could not let him talk to a lawyer even once. It was going to be so easy for Oswald to establish his alibi, that the case would have been over before it started. The only way they could keep it going was to kill him. 

So, knowing that killing him was their imperative, do you really think they just got lucky that Jack Ruby came along and did it for them? And, he walked by 6 policemen, invisibly, in order to do it? You're supposed to believe that, but do you? 

There are many reasons why pursuing JFK truth is important, even in 2018, 55 years after it happened, and one of them is: to get your mind back. To reject a grotesque lie that the State is foisting on you is an act of defiance.  It is also an act of self-preservation, and I mean the self-preservation of your mind, where you insist on perceiving reality through your own senses, and determining what is true through your own reasoning ability.  Just say no to tyranny and the oppression of free, untethered thought. And from the domain of free, untethered thought comes the realization that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent, completely and totally innocent, and so was Jack Ruby.   



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