Tuesday, October 30, 2018

So, Oswald was not in the garage for the spectacle, but he was there beforehand for the photo-shoot. That's my conviction. It is what the images are telling me. And of course, we NEVER see Oswald in the jail office after the shooting. They made sure of that. But, what about the Oswald who was wheeled out from the jail office to the garage and loaded into the ambulance: was he really Oswald? That is what we are going to examine now. 

So, is this Oswald? I think we should begin by inverting him.

Well, there is some very weird thing over his ear. I don't know what it is. It looks white.

I do not know what we are looking at there. 

So, on the right, there is the dead Oswald on the autopsy table, and I am satisfied that that is him because his ear looks spot-on. Also, his nose, eye brows, and chin look fine. Remember: I have been looking at images of Oswald for a long time.  You notice that there is something white on his ear too, much lower. at the bottom of the lobule, and it is very distinct and circumscribed. I don't know what it is, and I have not found any references to it. 

But, other than this weird ear issue, they appear to be the same man. Obviously, the angles are very different, but I am satisfied that it is the same nose from two different angles. I am OK with the hair, the eyes, and also his length on the stretcher. 

The hand over the chest is completely fake. It looks like some wax thing. Compare it to the other hand on the ground; it's size and coloring. 
Wow. Look how well the hair matches: the length of it and the pattern of thinning and recession. 

All right, so that settles it. I don't have a basis to claim that that guy on the stretcher was not Oswald. Here's another image of him:

Look how well the hair growth on the neck matches, and that's a random thing, determined by the length of time since the last haircut.
 So yes, I am satisfied that that is Oswald. 

So, here's what we have now. Definitely Oswald in the hallway on Sunday morning. 

It was Oswald at the photo-shoot which preceded the spectacle. 

Not Oswald getting out of the elevator with the cops in the jail office, whose nose was shorter and smaller and whose hair was shorter and did not cover as well. 

Not Oswald in the garage during the spectacle. 

Then, it was Oswald rolled out and loaded into the ambulance.  At Parkland Hospital, all the iconic photos are fakes, such as this one:

The whole idea of this is fake. How could the ambulance driver be pushing the stretcher forward if Detective Dhority was holding Oswald's hand? How could Oswald be maintaining a fist if he'd lost 80% of his blood? This is just pure theater. And we never see anything like it in the film. 

So, here's what I think happened: They had an Oswald double there that weekend, and he's the one who met with H. Louis Nichols. It is untenable that Oswald, after all that public complaining and pleading, turned down legal assistance. Then, they used the double for the garage spectacle but not for the photo shoot which preceded it using the real Oswald. Then Oswald was sedated and taken to a sound-proof room and shot, using a silencer. Then he was put on the floor of the jail office where Fred Bieberdorf saw him and examined him and thought that he was dead, probably because he could feel no pulse. But, the truth is: the heart can still be beating even if there is no detectable peripheral pulse. 

But, there are still some unanswered questions. Oswald was out of it. Right? So how, if they loaded him in the ambulance with his arm down:

 how could his arm be supinated and above his head at Parkland?

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