Saturday, October 13, 2018

Why didn't Roy Vaughn fight back?  He was adamant that Jack Ruby did not get past him on his watch, but he obviously didn't think that both he and Ruby were telling the truth and hence were there at different times. So, Vaughn must have thought that Ruby was lying. But, why would Ruby lie about how he got in? He had absolutely no reason to lie for himself.  If he lied, it could only have been to protect someone else. 

But, that would mean Ruby was in conspiracy with someone from the DPD, which is ridiculous. Do you realize how many DPD testified against Ruby at his trial? So, how could they be conspiring with him? 

You can't be conspiring with someone and against someone at the same time.   

Ruby didn't know anything. He didn't conspire with anyone. He wasn't sitting on deep, dark secrets for 3 years. He wasn't protecting anyone because he didn't know anything. Ruby was a nitwit, a scatterbrain, and he was a talkaholic.  He couldn't keep a secret if he tried. And no one would have trusted him with any secrets.  

Why didn't Vaughn do his own investigation, including talk to Ruby?  They wouldn't have let him, but I should think he would have wanted to and tried.    

We are supposed to believe that Roy Vaughn was guarding this ramp and couldn't keep Jack Ruby out. An 80 year old Walmart greeter could have done it, but not a 29 year old cop? 

Vaughn was adamant that Ruby didn't get past him, but he didn't pursue it. Why?  Because: that would have been too adversarial. Too conspiratorial. Too defiant.  It could have cost him his job - or more.

He did hire a lawyer, but I bet you that lawyer advised him to cease and desist, to hold his tongue. Vaughn continued to insist that Ruby did not enter the garage on his watch, but he did nothing more. He didn't follow it to its logical conclusions. He stopped at that, and I bet it was on strict, dire legal advice.        

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