Monday, December 23, 2019

I understand that there are many Americans who say they accept the official story of the JFK assassination because it's in their self-interest to do so, say if they are a government employee or a teacher or in the military or even if they work for a big corporation. Questioning the JFK assassination story isn't the worst piece of history to question- there are definitely worse. But still, it's anti-government, anti-establishment, and anti-media to question it. And I get it that some people would rather just get along. They'd rather say  "Heil Hitler" or whatever in public to avoid trouble and just live their lives. And it's their right. I don't fault them for it. But, I'd respect them more if they would at least admit, in private, to their confidantes, that they know very well that it's horse shit. 

Tale this, for instance.

That white line on the right is supposed to be the first shot that missed. It's also supposed to be the shot that hit the curb and then grazed James Tague. What could it possibly have hit to bounce off of to wind up at the bottom of Dealey Plaza? And what is the likelihood of such a thing happening? Imagine if they tried to duplicate such a thing? How many sharpshooters would it take to get to one who actually could do it? I doubt that any sharpshooter could do it, no matter how many they got, and no matter how many times they let them try. Tague was there, and he didn't think it was the first shot. He thought it was the second shot. You can read his testimony, as I did. But, the second shot, according to the official story, is the one they found on a stretcher at Parkland after it fell out of Connally's thigh. Fell out? Do you know how rare it is for bullets to fall out? 

These problems that I'm citing are relatively tiny in comparison to the magnitude of the whole story, that is, considering all the things you have to believe in order to accept it. But even though they're tiny, they still torpedo the whole thing. 

Vince Salandria is right: the official story of the JFK assassination isn't supposed to be credible. It's just supposed to be official. Credibility doesn't matter. Officiality does. 

Look at the Epstein case. People were making jokes, in advance, that pretty soon it will be time for him to hang himself. They were mocking it in advance, and, incredibly, it happened anyway. There were articles in advance saying that the jail authorities would be sure to make his cell hang-proof by using paper sheets, not letting him be alone, checking on him every 15 minutes day and night, etc. And then, after he supposedly tried to hang himself once, the jail psychiatrist said that he was no longer a suicide risk? Based on what? Hence, he didn't get those precautions? And they went ahead and left him alone? Unbemudderfruckenlievable. 

But again, it's not supposed to be believable. Listen to Vince. We live in the age of Leviathan. The Media isn't questioning it, so why should you? Move on; nothing to see here. Support the team. Support the troops. Be true to your school. And don't question authority. 

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