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This is a list of all the amateur photographers and filmers in Dealey Plaza. Every single one had to turn their medium over to the police. Every single one got their film confiscated. 


Bell, Jack

Z-Bell, Mark

Skaggs-Slide 5-Photographers identified

Bronson, Charles

Unable to find any photo of him in Dealey Plaza.
Z-Bronson, Charles 2

Daniel, Jack

Jack Daniel in McIntire photo, maybe
Filming in the McIntire photo

Z-Daniel, Jack

Dorman, Elsie

At home
At home

Possibly her in this Kimbrough photo taken several minutes after the shooting.
Dorman, Elsie in Kimbrough, Art 2

She was filming from this window in this Dillard photo

Possibly her in this WFAA clip

Compare her with this WFAA film frame
Z-Dorman, Elsie VS WFAA

Hughes, Robert

Unable to find any photo of him in Dealey Plaza.

Martin, John  (DCA film)

Unable to find any photo of him in Dealey Plaza.

Mentesana, Ernest  (DCA film)

Mentesana-maybe-2-3 Allen
Allen/DHT photo

Muchmore, Mary

Unable to find any photo of her in Dealey Plaza. She was working with another photographer, Wilma Bond.

Nix, Orville

Nix in Hughes, 1
Nix in the Hugues film

Nix in Hughes, gif 2
Gif done from the Hughes film by RIck Needham

Paschall, Patsy

Unable to find any photo of her in Dealey Plaza.
Z-Paschall, Patsy 3

Z-Paschall herself 2

Powers, Dave

Labelled #2 in the image below. #3 would be Kenneth O’Donnell, Powers in the color photo taken at Love Field

Towner, Tina

Z-Towner, Tina 1
Tina at home

Betzner # 2 from Unger
In the center. Betzner photo.

Zapruder, Abraham

Z-Zapruder-WFAA interview
In the WFAA studios


Betzner, Hugh

Life Magazine
Life Magazine

Betzner in Zapruder
In Zapruder film.

Betzner in Dorman
Doorman film

Bond, Wilma

Unable to find any photo of her in Dealey Plaza. Was working with another photographer, Marie Muchmore.

Bothun, Richard

Bothun and Altgens in Zapruder
Zapruder film

Croft, Robert

Photographers names in Zap
On the right, just next to the girl with a red dress. Zapruder film.

McIntire, Mel

Unable to find any photo of him in the area where he took his photos from.

Moorman, Mary

Cancellare photo
Cancellare photo

Powell, James

Finally, we have photos of Powell, thanks to Linda Zambanini. At least, we know what he looks like. He’s the man on the right in the photo below. Powell entered the Depository early on, and was trapped in it. 
Powell, James-By Linda

Films showing Powell.

Powell, James

Skaggs, Jay

In the middle with camera at his face. Bothun photo

Allegedly Skaggs in Weaver photo.
Allegedly Skaggs in this Weaver photo.

Skaggs in Bond
Skaggs in a Bond photo. Credit: JFK Assassination Forum

Towner, Jim

Betzner # 2 from Unger
On the left in this Betzner photo

Betzner in Zapruder
In the Zapruder film.

Weaver, Jack

Unable to find any photo of him in Dealey Plaza.

Willis, Phil

You realize that it must have been planned, that they had officers there noting who was filming and getting to them right away. And no one objected. No one said, "No. This is private property, my private property, and I am not giving you my film." And look how thorough they were. They didn't miss anybody. But wait. They did miss somebody. There's one more photographer, one who didn't have her film confiscated, and that's Babushka Lady

Notice in the middle picture that there is no way she could have been a 17 year old nightclub sex tease. 

The irony is that I don't even think that's a real picture of her. I think the FBI inserted that image into the larger image to mislead us. But even without this image, it is very apparent that Babushka Lady was a frumpy middle-aged woman and not a teenager. 

But, I am asking you a question: Do you really think that this one photographer just happened to slip away from the scene without being asked for her camera like every other photographer? That she alone went unnoticed? That she fell through the cracks? 

Babushka Lady was an operative. She was in on it. She went there to record the event for the plotters. She wore that tight scarf to conceal her identity. And notice that she stood back. She stook behind Charles Brehm. And that's because she knew it was a Kill Zone. 

And I believe that the fact that they sent her there confirms my suspicion that they planned all along to kill JFK in lower Dealey Plaza. It is NOT that because of bad shots, shots that missed him, that they failed to kill him in upper Dealey Plaza. They very easily could have killed him in upper Dealey Plaza. But, they did not want to kill him there because there were too many people there. Too many eyes, including people looking from the windows.  The sparse populating of lower Dealey Plaza must have been planned, controlled, and intended. That was the Kill Zone, and they weren't going to kill him before that. 

And yet there was one shot that him in upper Dealey Plaza, the back shot. But, that wasn't meant to kill him. It only penetrated a little bit. I can only speculate about what kind of bullet it was. Was it an ice bullet? Was it some other kind of dissolving bullet? But, I believe it contained a very fast-acting drug that caused his muscles to cramp up and also disoriented him mentally. In the Zapruder film, he is obviously not himself once he emerges from behind the sign. He is not mentally himself. He seems like a zombie. He was not lucid, and the physical damage from the hits he took, can't account for it. The shallow shot to his back was like a scratch, and the small caliber shot to his throat was meant to silence him. And they may have already been planning the Single Bullet Theory. After all, how could Arlen Specter have thought it up in April 1964, when the "Magic Bullet" was supposedly found that day on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital? So, neither of those two shots were meant to kill Kennedy. They were just primers with explicit purposes. 

There is just no doubt that they never planned to kill him in upper Dealey Plaza. The plan was to kill him in lower Dealey Plaza, and they did. That was the Kill Zone. And that's why Babushka Lady, whoever she was, went to lower Dealey Plaza. 

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