Saturday, December 21, 2019

Ermengarde Tenderstone I'm not sure what you're saying, I think most people have understood for very many years that the first shot came as he was passing behind the freeway sign. I've always wondered whether or not their freeway sign was added into the film as a convenience to cover up which direction the shot was coming from. We know that a shot came through the windshield of the presidential limousine.
  • Ralph Cinque I'm not sure what your problem is in grasping what I'm saying. I'm saying that most people have been wrong, that Kennedy was NOT first shot when he was behind the sign. It looks that way in the Zapruder film because they made it look that way. And they did so to support the single bullet theory. Remember, the single bullet theory is a single shot theory, that the back shot and the neck shot were just one shot. So, they had to do it. But, the fact is that he was already shot from the Croft photo onward, which was taken pretty high up the hill, a little past the obelisk. That is where Kennedy was first shot, and it was the shot to the back. I hope that helps.

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