Sunday, December 22, 2019

This is from a propaganda video spewing the official story, but this graphic is valuable, and I can use it to make a point. That first line, in the center of the photo, to them, represents the missed shot, the one that grazed James Tague. And you can easily see what the official story had to become that it bounced off something and got deflected down the length of Dealey Plaza, because how else could it have done so? But think for a moment of how unlikely that is that a shot taken in that trajectory would travel down the whole length of Dealey Plaza, practically to the Triple Underpass. That's how far they had to bend the story to pound that square peg into that round hole. But, I digress. 

The second line, according to them, is where he first got hit in the back and exiting his throat, so traversing his body, and supposedly still having enough energy to traverse Connally's body and then still having enough energy to burst his wrist to smithereens, and then still having enough energy to penetrate his thigh. Keep in mind that a hunter shot a wild pig with a Carcano rifle and the bullet didn't even traverse the pig's head. But, I digress. 

That first line, in the center, actually corresponds to about where Kennedy got hit in the back. Of course, it wasn't taken from the 6th floor window. That's what I'm claiming, but they're claiming that he wasn't hit at all there and wouldn't be hit for a long time, relatively speaking. But, look at the lineup of the four cars, and then look at the Altgens photo. It's pretty close to the same because you see the four cars lined up about the same, and you see how far the limo has gone past the obelisk, and it's about the same. 

So, the caravan has moved about the same distance, and it's about the same moment in time and space. But again, according to Officialdom, JFK hasn't been hit at all yet:
Yet here in Altgens, he, supposedly, is reacting to being shot in the back and neck. 
And keep in mind that they didn't immediately say that it was all one bullet. The Single Bullet Theory wasn't presented to the world until April 1964. So, at the time the Altgens photo was published, there was no talk of it, and I think it's fair to say there was no presumption of it either. And, if anything, I would say that the caravan is higher on the hill in the Altgens photo because look how close the the VP followup car is to the DalTex building. So, how could this nonsense of Kennedy bringing his hands up and Jackie caressing him be valid when it didn't happen until later?   

As far as the Secret Service Agents looking back at the source of the shots, how could that be true? Wouldn't they be looking up? So it makes me wonder: were they really peering at Oswald in the doorway and wondering what he was doing there?
In any case, I am not wrong that the imagery we see of JFK and Jackie in the limo was faked, and it was done to to sell the idea that this photo was taken later than it was. What I know for certain is that it was taken well before JFK was shot in the throat. I can't say about the back shot because it's too close to call. He may or may not have been shot in the back, but he was definitely not shot in the throat at the time of the Altgens photo.  

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