Tuesday, December 17, 2019

I finally found something I've been looking for: somebody else before me alleging that Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. may have been and probably was assassinated. 

Something has always bugged me about Joe Kennedy Jr.'s death. I went to wikipedia (Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. - Wikipedia. and Operation Aphrodite - Wikipedia)

What I found heightened my suspicions:

1. An electronics officer warned Kennedy that the plane's electrical harness was defective.
2. The procedure that Kennedy & his co-pilot followed called for 'arming' the explosives. I've also heard this called 'setting the detonator'
3. Out of the 25 planes that attempted this mission ONLY Joe Kennedy's plane blew up mid-air. All the other may have failed their mission, but only Kennedy's plane blew up mid air.
4. The missions continued after Kennedy's plane blew up.

The one thing that stands out is that Kennedy's co pilot had to 'set the detonator'. On a mission like this the explosives SHOULD go off when the plane impacts the target. There should be ABSOLUTELY no need for a detonator!

It strikes me that the only reason there would be a need for a detonator is if someone wanted to detonate the explosives BEFORE the plane impacted the target.

It also strikes me that the' defect' in the wiring harness
 may not have been a 'defect' as such. Perhaps the schematic for this particular harness was different than those made for the other plane in Operation Aphrodite. Perhaps this harness had extra wires to connect it to both the detonator and to an additional remote device that would trigger the detonator.

If I'm right, then this would show a much earlier and more wide spread plan to stop the Kennedy family from controlling the Presidency - that the assassinations of John and Robert were linked along with that of Joe.


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