Friday, December 6, 2019

This is a plat from Jim Fetzer's presentation which shows simultaneous back and neck shots. 

So, there is a green line and a brown line which converge and the black circle indicates where both shots happened, according to Jim. 

First, the simultaniety of those two shots was established by the Warren Commission who said they were one and the same shot. Jim and others rejected the claim of one shot, but kept the simultaniety, claiming that it was two shots that struck at the same time. I don't think Jim claims exact simultaniety, but rather that they occurred so closely in time that they were practically simultaneous. But, even that is wrong in my opinion. Now, let's move in closer on that spot.

So, if JFK was hit with both the back and neck shots at that point, he should have begun reacting to both shots then and continued reacting until the fatal shot. The shot to his throat obstructed his airway, but he apparently cleared it by coughing, as we see in the Zapruder frame 230.
This was a very immediate response to the shot to his throat. It was fast, like a reflex. His hands went up in less than a second.  So, when did the bullet strike? Less than a second before. If it was two-thirds second, which I think is enough time to give it, it would be frame 218, though I realize that does not account for frames that were removed. But, for now, let's just say 218. 

Again, that is necessitated by the fact that the reaction to the neck shot was and had to be immediate. The man couldn't breathe, and he reacted instantaneously.    

But, what about the back shot? Last night, on the JFK show, we all agreed that Kennedy was hit in the Croft photo, and that subtle and elaborate alterations were done to hide that fact. So, let's add the line for the Croft photo.  

So there, using Jim's own plat, I have indicated the actual locations of the back and neck shots. They were farther apart than he realizes.  And this is by necessity because JFK was definitely hit in the Croft photo, so the back shot had to come before it, while JFK's reaction to the neck shot came much later, as seen in the Zapruder film. What you see above is the actual gap in time and space between the back shot and the neck shot. 

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