Tuesday, December 10, 2019

They cut out a large section from the Zapruder film, besides cutting out the 120 degree turn from Houston to Elm, and I can prove it.

Here we see Kennedy still riding high on the hill. He hasn't even passed the monument on the corner yet, which is in plain view. Yet, inexplicably, he is already approaching the freeway sign. Notice that he is waving. 

So, he has his hand raised, and he is waving at the spectators. Across the street from him, you can see Willis and Croft, and you know they were right across from the doorway. So, that freeway sign shouldn't be there, and it's part of the illusion. But, my point is that is that in the Zapruder film, JFK is waving until he passes behind the sign. That's the "story" that the film tells, that he waved as he disappeared behind the sign. And then emerging on the other, side, he raises his hands and does the whole thing to cough up the bullet that Giles Jesus described so well.


So, he went from waving to that. But, that's not the story that the still photos tell. The still photos, starting with Croft show that he stopped waving long before he reached the sign. Here's Croft, and he's not waving. He's not even turned and looking at the people, so how could he be waving?

Here's Betzner, and he's not waving.

Surely, if he had his arm up, we'd see it. He is not waving, and the people across from him aren't waving either. Were they seeing that something was wrong?

And here is Willis, the last photo before we get to Z225.

Again, we can see that he is not waving. We would see his arm if he was waving. So that means that JFK stopped waving when he got to Croft, and he continued not waving through Betzner and Willis. So, the Z film should have a rather long stretch of him not waving before reaching the sign. They cut out the part of him not waving from Croft to Willis. Here it is graphically.

So, that red line takes you from Croft to Willis. Where it starts above corresponds to Croft. Where it finishes below at the sign corresponds to Willis. JFK was reacting to the back shot in there, but they couldn't have that because they were claiming that there was only one shot and it happened behind the sign. So, they made it that he was smiling and waving until he reached the sign, and then, supposedly, both shots happened behind the sign, and then he emerged reacting. In reality, the back shot occurred at Croft, and he went the distance from Croft to the sign reacting only to the back shot. That's what they had to remove. 

This is NOT debatable: In the Z film, JFK is waving up until he passes behind the sign. In the Croft, Betzner, and Willis photos, he is not waving. That is a contradiction, and you realize that contradictions don't occur in real life; they are misunderstandings. This evidence sheds light on the whole thing, and there is no alternative explanation. 

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