Saturday, December 14, 2019

I am finding a ton of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. bashing online.

I recall 2003 and the buildup to the Iraq War. Anyone who opposed it was severely excoriated. They were treated like a traitor to this country. And the same went for other countries. When the leader of France urged restraint, Bill O'Reilly pulled out the "we saved your asses twice" card and urged a complete boycott of all French products and suggested that the term "French fries" be changed to "Freedom fries." 

Bill wanted that war like it was one of his female staffers. Everyone knows that that war killed over 5000 Americans. But, did you know that it killed over 500,000 Iraqis by 2006? That's according to Johns Hopkins University researchers.

And what was Bill's attitude when no WMDs were found in Iraq? He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "Saddam was a bad guy anyway, and the Iraqi people are better off with him." Not the dead ones, Bill. 

But, getting back to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., who is still being pilloried today for having tried to stop the worst, most devastating, most life-destroying cataclysm in human history, I continue to look at the death of his son Joe Jr., wondering if he may have been the first Kennedy to be assassinated. And note that JPK Jr. did NOT do any bombing of German civilians as the RAF did. His targets were U boats. 

There was a book that came out in 1970 about the Aphrodite mission by Fred Olsen who was U.S. Army Air Force and OSS. I found this New York Times review of it from 1970. The author claims that the target of JPK Jr.'s mission was defunct and had been for months, that it was abandoned by the Nazis. And it makes sense that it would have been because this was August 14, 1944, and D-Day was June 6. Plus, the target had been previously hit, so this was just another strike for good measure. He also said that the electrical system on the plane was faulty, known to be faulty, and that an American official tried to have the mission stopped.

Again: Olsen said it was a "useless target."

I have also learned that JPK Jr. had been very active in the anti-war movement at Harvard and that he made a public speech about it in Boston in January 1941.

And I keep coming across various glib explanations for the disaster: "tripped wire", "faulty gear", "faulty electrical system"  "short in the electrical system" but officially, no cause was given. "Cause unknown" is what it said. Then they made the whole thing classified, and to this day, the cause of the explosion has never been officially determined.     

Now read this. According to plan, Kennedy removed a "safety pin" and then signaled the other planes that were following him that he had done so by giving them the code term, Stay Flush. "Once the safety pin was removed, ignition could have been triggered by any aircraft making radio contact with the aircraft."

So, Kennedy removed the pin which effectively turned the aircraft over to the ones who were going to control it remotely. He was just a passenger at that point, a rider. So, what could he have done to trigger the accident? Yet, Elliott Roosevelt would go on to say that they "probably tripped a wire." This is from the above article:

"After the accident there was an immediate cover-up of the entire accident which was already clouded in secrecy. No information was released for almost 60 years, even now no real disclosure. One point, that is pretty hard to swallow, is that the whole mission was pointless. Through a huge intelligence failure it was later disclosed that the target launch site had been severely damaged by RAF raids a week before. They had dropped massive "Tall Boy" bombs on it. So, the disaster was unnecessary, and that may be the reason for the cover-up. 20 years after the war ended, the case was reopened, which only raised more questions. Claims bordered on the ridiculous. The Germans shot the plane down and Joe was captured and killed in an escape attempt. Other claims were that Joe parachuted and was captured by a Panzer division, and later shot. Many articles were published with erroneous information. Finally Elliot Roosevelt, son of FDR, called all the reports ridiculous. He was there and saw first hand what happened. He witnessed the useless death of a potentially great American. After all, the U.S. had tried 19 RC bomb test and none of them were successful. Was this mission hushed up and so secret because it was unnecessary?"

RC: I would never have started down this road if he were anyone but a Kennedy. But, he was a Kennedy. And remember what happened in 1999 when John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed. And he most certainly was murdered. And think about how intricate and complicated it was to set it up and push it through and make it look like an accident. Again, if you haven't watched John Hankey's video on this, you need to:

In the case of JPK Jr, there was another victim aboard, his co-pilot, Wilford John Willy. In the case of JFK Jr., there was his wife Carolyn, who was pregnant with their son, and his sister-in-law Lauren. Having to kill them too did not stop those who did it from going through with it. 

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