Sunday, December 1, 2019

This is a discussion of the splice in the Zapruder film, where the limo's turn from Houston to Elm is somehow missing from the film. First, note how low the freeway sign was on Elm Street. The x marks approximately where Zapruder was on his pedestal.  

So, why when he was pointing his camera at the top of Dealey Plaza at the start of his film would that sign intrude on his camera's field of view? I don't think it would have.

But, in the film, his capture of the top of the Plaza does show the sign. 
You know Zapruder was aiming for the very top of the hill because the limo hasn't even appeared yet. It has yet to reach the corner to begin making the turn. It is back on Houston. So, why would that sign intrude here? It wouldn't. It wasn't that big, and it could not cover such a huge expanse of Zapruder's visual field. 

But then, there is a splice in which the limo is suddenly on Elm, having completed the turn. Surely Zapruder filmed the limo making the turn from Houston to Elm, but it was cut out. 

Why did they cut that out? It's anyone's guess. But, they definitely cut it out. So there, the limo has made the turn from Houston to Elm and is proceeding down Elm, but it's still at the top of the hill. It's just a little past the corner. And yet, the sign is already in view, which is bogus, and very quickly, the shooting drama is going to unfold. He is going to pass behind the sign and then emerge stricken. But, why did they want to shorten the time of this? Why didn't they want us to see everything? Why didn't they just wait until the limo got down to where the sign actually was and let it unfold there? Why were they determined to make it seem like it was only a few seconds after his entry into Dealey Plaza that he got shot? 

Here it is with the frame number:

There it is, the first sighting of the limo. We only see it after it has turned. And you can see how close it is to the sign. It wasn't really that close to the sign, and this is not innocent. Don't let anyone tell you that it's just a matter of perspective because it is not. And if you went there with a movie camera and filmed from Zapruder's pedestal, you'd find that out yourself. But, let's count the seconds. 

 We don't now what frame he got hit at because the sign is in the way, but let's say it was 212. It can't be far off from that. So, subtracting we get 79 frames. Dividing by 18 we get 4.38 seconds. So, from the time the limo is first seen at the top of Dealey Plaza, it takes a little over 4 seconds to reach the point that he gets hit. But, look at the plat again. Do you think the limo could have travelled from the top of Dealey to the spot that he got hit behind the sign in just 4 seconds?

So, the red line represents the length of distance covered between 133 and 212 in Zapruder. Remember how slow the limo was going. Even official estimates are only 15 mph. No way could it travel that distance in such a short time. But, the question is: why did they remove so much of the limo's descent before the shot?  I honestly don't know. I'm not looking for ideas. It must have shown something that they didn't want us to see, but what? 

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