Monday, December 2, 2019

There is no way that anyone can credibly believe that Jack Ruby had any intention of shooting Oswald, and his behavior that morning says so. He told his roommate, George Senator, that he was going to Western Union, and then, he was going to take his dog to the club, meaning the Carousel Club. I don't know why he liked to take his dog there, but he did. And, the Carousel Club was very close to Western Union. It was right on Main Street. It was just across the street and down the block a little ways. Now, he really did expect to do that, which means he had no expectation of being arrested, detained, and charged with murder. Everything about Ruby's actions suggests that he expected to have a normal day that day.  

Shooting Oswald would have been like shooting himself, like committing suicide. His life, as he knew it, was going to be over if he did it. And he would have known that in advance that it would be over. You can think of it like walking off the plank or putting a bullet to your head. So, it's like he had two normal, regular, mundane things, sending a money order to Karen Carlin and dropping his dog off at the club, except, in-between, he was going to commit suicide. Now, who would think that way?  

You just can't rationalize the juxtaposition of those things. It is 100% certain that Ruby expected to go on with his day, which means that he could not have had any thought to kill Oswald.

So, anyone who thinks that Ruby shot Oswald because he was threatened by the Mafia or anyone else, needs to snap out of their trance.

And what could they have threatened him with? Death? Shooting Oswald was like killing himself except worse, so how could they threaten him with death?  Killing his sister? Killing someone is difficult. It's a pain in the ass. It may be easy enough to just to do it, but getting away with it is a whole different thing. Why actually carry out a threat like that? For what? 

They haven't even killed me, and I'm a much bigger threat to them than Ruby's sister. She was no threat to them at all, so they weren't going to do it. 

So, there is no way that Ruby killed Oswald because someone ordered him to. Just forget about it. It's childish. It's stupid. 
And there is no way that Ruby thought and planned to kill Oswald himself because his behavior that day says otherwise. Had he thought to do it on his own accord, he would have shown up on time. Don't you think? He had no way of knowing that the jail transfer was delayed. 

So, all that leaves is the idea that he did it impulsively. And that's exactly what his lawyers argued. Of course, it didn't work. The jury didn't buy it. I think Melvin Belli was wrong to try to put a medical label on it: psychomotor epilepsy.  The jury snickered at that, and they rejected the whole argument. Belli should have just said that Ruby had a sudden impulse to do it, where it just happened without thinking or deliberation, just a sudden stroke of insanity. Maybe they would have bought that. I think it would have been much better than "psychomotor epilepsy." 

But, the other big mistake Belli made was not putting Ruby on the stand. Ruby would have been his own best witness. And Belli should have given him no instruction except to be himself and tell the truth. Ruby's own battiness and mental incompetence would have come shining through, and the jury would have realized that Ruby was incapable of being cunning, that he was a basket case. 

I am saying these things even though I know, full well, that it is not what happened. What happened is that Ruby got to the garage much earlier than reported and was immediately jumped by police and dragged up to the 5th floor. And that is where he was when the Garage Spectacle went down, which was televised theater for the masses. And then, they cleverly wove him into the story afterwards. And Ruby was so incredibly incapacitated that he didn't realize a damn thing- ever. He died without an inkling about what really happened to him.   

And his mental incompetence wasn't all him; it was the drugs. And remember that they kept drugging him. They brought in Dr. Louis Joylan West, known as "Jolly" and also known as the "Maestro of Mind Control" because he was the CIA's top mind control doctor at the time, and they had a long list of celebrated ones, their cadre of Dr. Mengeles. 

So, why did the great Melvin Belli allow the State, who was trying to put Ruby to death, medicate him? Why didn't he insist on getting his own doctor for Ruby? I wish I could answer that.  

The idea that Ruby just "flipped" for a few seconds has become the official story, even though the jury didn't buy it. It is exactly what they portrayed in the made-for-tv movie, Ruby and Oswald, in 1978. But, let's think about its lack of credibility. Ruby was aware enough to recognize Lt. Rio "Sam" Pierce in the squad car at the top of the ramp. He said another officer, whom he didn't know, was on foot and leaning into the car at the window and talking to Pierce. In other words, according to Ruby, the car was stopped at the top of the ramp. It's easy to picture, isn't it? But, it's not what happened according to Roy Vaughan and Sam Pierce. They said that as the car was coming up the ramp, that Vaughan stepped aside and went to the curb to check for oncoming traffic, and not seeing any, he waved the driver through. And that was it. There was no stopping. There was no chit-chat. Also, Ruby said nothing about seeing any other officers in the car with Pierce, of which there were two at 11:15. Also, Ruby, in fact, knew Vaughan. Vaughan had forgiven a traffic violation for him once since he was a "friend of the Department." Don't you think Ruby would have remembered him? 

So, it was another time; an earlier time; with another officer; that Ruby was there.  

What a monstrous thing that these police officers could all be involved in killing Oswald and framing Ruby. How could they do it? How could they be such monsters? 

My answer is that it's well known how war can turn men into monsters. Are you aware of what the Soviet Red Army did when they swept into Germany at the end of WW2? Well, I dare say they made Sherman's march through Georgia look like an Easter parade. There is a book that came out in 2002 about it, and it wasn't written by some neo-Nazi. Those Soviets raped every German female from 8 to 80. And if only they had just raped them. Many they mutilated and killed. That's what our allies did in the so-called "good war."

There's also a book that came out in 2009 about war crimes against the Germans after the Reich fell called After the Reich, and it's a stunner too. And again, it's written by a respected British historian. He claims 2.5 million Germans were starved or otherwise killed.

And before we leave the topic of World War II, I will refer you to one more book. Early on in the war, the British decided that most of their aerial bombing was going to be directed against civilians. It's no secret. In fact, it was so well known at the time that the British public was appalled by it. So, Winston Churchill got one of his advisers, J.M Spaight, to write a book for the public defending it. It was called Bombing Vindicated, and you can buy it today on Kindle for $3.95. Definitely read the blurb:

War turns men into monsters. Do you understand that? It is the whole reason I made my movie, My Stretch of Texas Ground.

The time has come that war must be categorically rejected by all human beings, everywhere on Earth. Not just nuclear war, but all war. The next time some President, or other politician, tells you that we have to cross the ocean and attack some country,  I hope you will get as livid and boiling in opposition as will I.  

So, what does this have to do with what happened on November 24, 1963? I think the "order" to kill Oswald came from Lyndon Johnson. Most of those Dallas cops, and every one that I know of, was a World War II veteran. They weren't acting as cops; they were acting as soldiers. They were following an order from their Commander in Chief. Johnson probably told them that they needed to do it for their country, that their country couldn't survive a trial, that it would be too paralyzing, that it was vitally important that the country move on, which meant Oswald had to die.   

And Jack Ruby? He was just a poor Jewish man, and I mean it. He wasn't rich. He lived in a dumpy apartment. He handled a lot of money, but just because you handle a lot doesn't mean that you have a lot. He had a ton of debt, including to the IRS. He didn't own the Carousel Club. He didn't own the building, and he didn't own the business. It was started with OPM, other people's money. 

And he was a devout Jewish man. He was every bit as devout in the Jewish faith as any Christian you know is devout in the Christian faith. And, both religions are guided by the same Ten Commandments, aren't they? Thou shalt not kill? Ruby was no more inclined to kill Oswald- by thought or impulse- than you or I or anyone you can name. He was set up; framed; and incapacitated. My heart goes out to him, and that's why I fight for him. 

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