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Here is something that I don't think anyone has ever asked before, but I am asking it now, and it concerns the death of Joe Kennedy Jr. You know that he died when his plane exploded over England, but the cause of the explosion has never been determined, and you would think they would have been determined to find out. So, I am asking, perhaps for the first time ever: Is there any chance that Joe Kennedy Jr. was assassinated? 

I am not saying that he was, but I am pondering it.  

But first, are you aware that there is a huge following that believes that General George Patton was murdered? He was at odds with the other generals, including Eisenhower. He didn't like it that after the Battle of the Bulge he was not allowed to lead his troops into Berlin, that the city was essentially forfeited to the Soviets. He didn't like what he saw being done to German civilians, and it was horrific. And, upon returning to the U.S., he was going to go on a speaking tour, which some say was to be a prelude to him running for President. And he was married to one of the richest women in America, Beatrice Ayer. So, there was plenty of money to back him.  And there are other deeper, darker issues that put Patton at odds with the U.S. military, the U.S. government, and the whole new world order that was forming, which he didn't like.   

But, the circumstances of his death were that a very suspicious auto accident occurred on an empty road in which a U.S. Army truck ran into his jeep injuring only him. He suffered a neck injury. He was taken to the military hospital and put in traction. And he appeared to be recovering. But, the day before he was to return to the U.S., he suffered a pulmonary embolism and died. 

A pulmonary embolism? That's what reportedly killed Jack Ruby. Now, do you understand why I am so interested in Patton? And in case a newcomer is reading this, I allege that Jack Ruby did not kill Lee Harvey Oswald, that the drugged Ruby was guided to the garage and pounced upon an hour before the Garage Spectacle and then woven into the story afterwards, and that the shooter in the garage who was masquerading as Ruby was FBI Agent James Bookhout. 

There have been several books alleging that Patton was murdered, but most of them have been completely ignored by the mainstream media. But, when Bill O'Reilly came out with his Killing Patton in 2014, he was allowed to make the rounds of the talk shows, etc. Why him and not the other authors who preceded him? It's because O'Reilly blamed Joseph Stalin for killing Patton, while the other books squarely blamed the U.S. military establishment, including "Wild Bill" Donovan of the OSS, who was Allen Dulles' boss, and going all the way up to President Roosevelt. 

It is absurd to think that a U.S. general who was completely in the sanctum of the U.S. Military was killed by Joseph Stalin.  If Stalin could have done that, where we were oblivious to it, what does that say about us?  But, I don't believe it for a second. Blaming Stalin for killing Patton is like blaming the Mafia for killing JFK. Both are said only to protect the real culprits.

There are drugs that can cause clot embolisms, but another way is by introducing air into the vascular system: an air embolism. That can kill you fast, and it all it takes is thin air. 

So, were both General Patton in 1945 and Jack Ruby in 1967 killed that way? 

But, before we leave the subject of WW2, there is another death that troubles me, that of Joe Kennedy Jr. As far as I know, no one has ever questioned the circumstances. And maybe there is nothing to question. Maybe he died exactly as reported. But, the fact is: it has never been determined what caused the explosion on the plane that he was flying. It was heading for its target, an underground German bunker, and it was loaded with explosives, and the idea was that the plane would become unmanned and just crash into the target, and  he and his co-pilot were supposed to parachute out shortly after they reached altitude. But, before they could do that, the plane suddenly exploded in mid-air and for no known reason.

But, what's troubling is that there is another version of the story saying that he was just up testing the aircraft that he wasn't on a bombing mission. As recently as 2013, Business Insider reported it that way.

Now, you see, that bothers me. I don't like it. I don't like it when the script changes. 

Like George Patton, Joe Kennedy Jr. was about to return to the U.S., a war hero. And like George Patton, Joe Kennedy Jr. was about to launch a political career. And like George Patton, there was talk of him running for President. although not imminently. But, there is more. You know that his father, Joe Kennedy Sr. was U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain. But, are you aware of the extent to which Joe Kennedy Sr. became at odds with Franklin Roosevelt? As anti-Nazi war fever was building up in Europe and America, and it took longer to build up in America, there were few voices for peace, but Joe Kennedy Sr. was one of them. He was under the mistaken notion that as Ambassador to England his responsibility was to do all he could to defuse the chance of war- war being the worst thing that can happen, right?  But no, he had that exactly wrong. They wanted the war with Germany. They, meaning Churchill and Roosevelt and the leader of France, wanted war with Germany. Hitler did not want war with any of them, which is an indisputable fact. Hitler was looking entirely eastward in his military ambitions. In fact, he hoped to ally with the West against the Soviets, whom he regarded as their mutual enemy. But, the West wanted war with him, and once Roosevelt realized that Kennedy was trying to defuse the war, he demanded his resignation and got it. 

And, the fact is, that like his father, Joe Kennedy Jr., before the war, had made some very complementary statements about Hitler and Germany, but it wasn't all that unusual. 

But, think about it: Roosevelt came to hate and loathe Joseph Kennedy with a passion. And then he finds out that his accomplished son, with movie star looks, a famed aviator, is about to return to the U.S. a decorated war hero and start running for office? With the Presidency the looming goal?

What does that remind you of? How about his future nephew, John F. Kennedy Jr. with his immense popularity and movie star looks about to launch his political career and dying mysteriously in a plane crash? And in that case, I will state flat-out that he was murdered, and if you don't think so, then you need to watch this:

You realize that many people believe that Pat Tillman was murdered in Afghanistan because he had come to oppose the War on Terror, which has really been a War of Terror. Officially, he died from "friendly fire" but that was a revision. First, they told an elaborate story of him having been killed heroically in combat against the Taliban. They had a whole narrative about it which they read at his funeral, which was nationally televised. But, it was all a lie. He was shot 3x at close range by U.S. soldiers,  where he was pleading with them to stop. Tillman was first sent to Iraq where he said that the war was "fucking illegal." Of course, it was.  And by the way, it isn't over. There is still fighting and dying going on every day in Iraq, just as there is in Libya, but our media doesn't report on it. Also in Iraq, Tillman called the build-up about the rescue of Jessica Lynch a "public relations stunt." Of course, it was; another big lie. Tillman was looking forward to getting out of the military, and he planned to meet right away with anti-war activist Professor Noam Chomsky.  Isn't it fair to say that Tillman had become an "Enemy of the State"? And then he just happens to die from friendly fire? 

So, getting back to Joe Kennedy, Jr., I say that considering what happened to John, Robert, John Jr. and even Ted, that his death deserves a second look. 

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