Monday, July 8, 2019

A great point just came in from Bernard Wilds, my good loyal friend from the UK.  

Why would Roy Truly lead the way up those stairs when they were pursuing an armed violent criminal? Wouldn't he let the armed policeman go first and follow behind him? 

It goes to show that Roy Truly knew very well that he wasn't in any danger, that no one was going to be shooting at him.  

Roy Truly was dirty. He was in on the plot. He framed Oswald. His reversal of brushing Oswald off as harmless and beyond suspicion to Baker, but then 20 minutes reporting him to police for being absent from a company roll call  It stinks. 

Roy Truly was corrupt, and the whole TSBD was corrupt. It doesn't mean that every person working there was corrupt. But, many of them were. Bill Shelley certainly was. It was a CIA front company. 

Look at this box of books: It says: ANOTHER SHIPMENT OF FINE YEARBOOKS. But, it's ridiculous because yearbooks are published individually by schools. And books are never shipped in long narrow boxes. But, they could have been long narrow firearms. Read The Spider's Web by William Weston. 

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