Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Here is an interesting contrast. It's an upbeat assessment of the peace talks in Afghanistan followed by the Taliban's take on it. 



A conference about finding pathways to peace in Afghanistan has been scheduled to take place on 7th and 8th July in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
This conference jointly organized by Qatar and Germany will be attended by around 60 Afghans in their personal capacities to discuss and exchange views about pathways of establishing peace in Afghanistan.
A 17-member delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by the respected Mr. Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanekzai will also partake in the conference to shed light on the stance and policy of the Islamic Emirate.
The negotiation process with the United States will be paused for two days due to this conference and will once again resume on the 9th of July, Allah willing.
Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Zabihullah Mujahid
RC: The Taliban has said that they will never accept the continuation of the current Afghan government. But, if members of that government renounce it and go to the Taliban as individuals, the Taliban may accept them. And they already have. Lots of Afghan government officials have left their posts and joined the Taliban. So, maybe it can be done in a way that the U.S. can save face and be able to sell it to Americans as a partial victory. But, the idea of leaving  "a significant (military) presence in the US embassy, or hidden in bases around the country" ...forget it. There is NOT going to be a single base. Will there even be a U.S. Embassy? Well, maybe if we  bribe them, offer them a lot of money, but even then, they won't let it be military or intelligence gathering. Forget it. They want the U.S. out of their country. They are not going to allow any U.S. military presence in their country. This what is going on over there:
In the continuing series of war crimes and deliberate killing of common people, American invaders accompanied by Kabul administration troops carried out an overnight raid on Tangi Sayedano clinic and Goda village of Chak district, Maidan Wardak province.
This major crime resulted in the destruction of Tangi Sayedano clinic while 4 civilians (clinic administrator, on-duty doctor, a nurse and a patient) were ruthlessly murdered.
This crime happened on the same night as the occupying and puppet enemy bombed the home of villager (Ismail) located in Kutb Khelo village of Puli Khumri city’s PD2, Baghlan province, from which the house was destroyed, a woman and 5 children martyred and Ismail himself wounded.
Some 4 days earlier Haji Nadir village in Dand-e-Shahabuddin was also bombed, leaving an innocent woman martyred and 5 children wounded.
Moreover, bombings were carried out six times against civilians over the past 5 days in Bakhtabad, Aliabad and Karez Denak areas of Shindand district, Herat province, from which a mosque was destroyed and 4 civilians martyred, 3 wounded in Bakhtabad area, 2 civilians were martyred and 3 wounded in Aliabad area, a white-bearded shop owner was also martyred while 2 more civilians were martyred in Karez Denak area.
The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns all these deliberate murders and war crimes, calls on international human right organizations to question the American invaders about these war crimes and genocide and prevent such crimes from continuing.
Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Zabihullah Mujahid

20 civilians martyred, 8 injured in fresh wave of U.S aggression

20 civilians martyred, 8 injured in fresh wave of U.S aggression
WARDAK, July 9 – The U.S terrorists and their puppets, latest in a series of their inhumane crimes, have mercilessly martyred 20 civilians mostly children and women besides bombing residential areas and ransacking the houses in different parts of the country.
In an unfortunate incident, 5 innocent villagers were martyred and several vehicles and motorbike were set ablaze amid a 24-hour long nighttime aggression by the joint enemy in Chak district of Wardak province.
Sadly, 2 children were martyred and 3 more sustained life-threatening injuries when the enemy pounded the residential area with heavy weapons in Chamkani district of southeastern Paktia province.
In yet a similar act of terror, the U.S invaders targeted the house of Ismael, a peasant in Pol-i-Khomri district of Baghlan province last night, leaving his wife, 2 daughters and 4 sons martyred in cold blood while Ismael himself is said to be in critical condition.
This came days after the U.S terrorists’ drones bombed out Hajji Nadir’s compound in the said district in which 2 of his wives were martyred instantly in the drone strikes, whereas 5 of his children were shifted to the hospital in critical condition. They were said to be in the comma.
Furthermore, the U.S terrorists and their puppets martyred 4 civilians amid a raid on the only clinic left in a village in Chak district of Wardak province last night.
Those martyred in the U.S act of terror included a doctor, Mohammad Yaseen, the in charge of the clinic, a servant, and an attendant of a patent. They did not stop at this but also set fire to the medicine in the clinic. A specialist surgeon is reported missing.

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