Tuesday, July 9, 2019

 Here it is: the only reliable image of Billy Lovelady that we have in the world, (and I do mean that every other image of him is either criminally altered, entirely bogus, or extremely suspect) then Doorman and then Oswald. Which two match? It is plain as day that Doorman is Oswald, and not only because they look the same and are dressed the same, but even the piercing stare in their eyes is the same.  Lovelady, on the left, has got the bald head on top and protruding ear, which Doorman and Oswald don't have. In this case, it is entirely all-right to compare Doorman's right ear to Oswald's left, since ears are very symmetrical on most everybody, and they are spot-on the same here.  Is Doorman Oswald? Shit yes.  

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