Monday, July 1, 2019

The freaky image on the left is from the NBC footage of the Oswald jail transfer, and he is supposedly Jack Ruby, but, he is NOT Jack Ruby, and to hide that fact, they had to put that weird ink spot over his eye.  But, what were they trying to imply?  
I think they were shooting for sunglasses, but when it was realized that Ruby did not have any on him, they started saying it was shadow. But, shadow from what? A shadow is cast by an object that is located between a light source and the area in shadow. So, what object could be casting that shadow? I put the image of Jack Nicholson there to demonstrate that no such shadow could possibly form - not anywhere in the Universe. There is no object that could cast it, and even if there were, it wouldn't be so dark, dense, and demarcated. That is freaky. The image on the left is bogus. 

This is a smoking gun; a photographic one, and it reeks of malfeasance and evil.  There is no reasonable explanation for it, so don't make excuses for it. Don't even try. It can't be defended. They were faking an image of Jack Ruby, and it's because he wasn't there. Ruby reached the garage earlier and was swifted away, hustled up to the 5th floor, which is where he was when the Garage Spectacle went down.  The guy seen shooting Oswald was not Jack Ruby, but rather, FBI Agent James Bookhout. But, this guy wasn't Bookhout, and I don't know who he was. But, they really messed with his image; I can tell you that.                                                                                                                              


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