Monday, July 8, 2019

Carl Silverman Well not all yearbooks are class/student yearbooks. Yearbooks can be books with current events from a particular year, say, 1962. But if you can research that "[Illegible] Taylor Publishing Company" you may be able to find out.
  • Ralph Cinque Carl, it's well established that the TSBD distributed books for young children, the early grades. And kids of that age do not read yearbooks about all the events of say, 1962. Furthermore, if it were true, surely the box would identify exact title of the yearbook, so that you know what it was. And look how ridiculous it is that they have an advertisement on the box, How does "Another Shipment" help anything? And who are they appealing to in describing the yearbooks as "Fine"? This is just a stupid thing that a stupid person wrote because he was stupid.

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