Thursday, July 25, 2019

Authorities were in a fix. Oswald had them by the balls. He denied that he owned or ordered a rifle. He denied that he posed for a photo with one, and he said the photo was fake. He denied going to Mexico City. He said he was out with Bill Shelley in front during the shooting. He never even admitted that he rented a P.O. Box. What, were they were afraid to ask him? 

At trial, he and his lawyer would have demolished them. Never could they let it go to trial. But, the case against Oswald was so weak, so bad, and so obviously corrupt that they couldn't even let him speak to a lawyer, not even once. 

Do you realize what would have come of that?

Lawyer: Did you shoot the President? 
Oswald: No.
Lawyer: Where were you at the time?
Oswald: I was standing in front watching the motorcade with Bill Shelley and others, at the entrance. 

Lawyer: Did you shoot Tippit?
Oswald: No. I was never at 10th and Patton, or anywhere near it. What for?
Lawyer: Is it your rifle that they're talking about?
Oswald: No. I don't own a rifle, and I never ordered one. 
Lawyer: They've got paperwork, and they claim it's your writing.
Oswald: It's not. I'm telling you; it's phony: I never ordered a rifle.
Lawyer; So, I take it you never posed with one either?
Oswald: Of course not. That is a phony photo; it is phony evidence. This whole case against me is phony. I am being framed. I had no reason to kill the President-and no desire to. 

What would have come from it is the lawyer realizing, not only, that Oswald was innocent, that he was being wrongly accused and charged, but that it was no mistake; that a planned systematic framing of Oswald was underway and that it went to the top.  

He would have known all that from one meeting with Oswald, and then, there was nothing barring him from rattling it off to the press, which is to say, the whole world. 

Do you see now why they could not let Oswald have an attorney?

And remember: Oswald NEVER met with H. Louis Nichols. That was an Oswald double. And they did it to neutralize all the appeals that Oswald had made- to the world- for legal representation. It was damage control. 

It is very clear that just 17 hours before, Oswald had made a very impassioned request for A lawyer, and that was after having made similar appeals all afternoon.  It is preposterous to think that he would have turned it down. And note that although we have a lot of statements by Oswald, there is none pertaining to why he turned down legal help when it was offered. 

But, regardless of that, authorities couldn't hold off getting him a lawyer much longer. He had already been through two arraignments without one, and usually a public defender or private counsel is present at an arraignment. 

And again, one meeting with a lawyer was all it would have taken to blow the case wide open, and that lawyer could have gone to the press. 

So, then what happened? Did the State just get lucky the Jack Ruby came along and saved their asses? Luck had nothing to do with it. The killing of Oswald was just as planned and orchestrated as the killing of Kennedy. 

Authorities knew on Saturday that Oswald was going to die on Sunday, and here's the evidence: they took his wife into custody on Saturday without telling him. When has that ever happened before or since? Stop and think about how incensed he would have been had he known. RECALL HOW HE REACTED WHEN HE FOUND OUT THE FBI WENT TO TALK TO HIS WIFE WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. IF THAT INCENSED HIM, IMAGINE HOW HE WOULD HAVE REACTED UPON LEARNING THAT THEY CONFISCATED HER. 

So, how could they do that on Saturday when he was alive? The only way they could do it was if they knew he'd be dead by Sunday. 

So, does it mean that Jack Ruby was working with the Dallas Police? No, that's impossible. They arrested him. They charged him. They testified against him. They were part of a prosecution team that was trying to put him to death.  

So, there could have been no collaboration between Ruby and the Dallas Police. And they didn't just get lucky that he came along. Luck has nothing to do with anything in the JFK assassination.  

Ruby was just another patsy, and because he was not of right mind, they could convince him that he shot Oswald. It wasn't him in the garage. That was pure theater, a spectacle for television, with FBI Agent James Bookhout filling in for Jack Ruby, who was already squirreled away up on the 5th floor, having reached the garage much earlier than reported.  

Cui bono? Who benefited from Oswald's sudden murder while in police custody? Kennedy's real killers did, and they are the ones who killed Oswald. They are the ones who needed him dead, and they are the ones who got him dead. Jack Ruby was just putty in their hands. He was MK-ULTRA. He was as innocent as Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman, etc. Ruby never reached for his gun. He wasn't even in the garage at 11:20. He was just so mentally disabled from the drugs and the mind control he was subjected to that he had no power to stand up for himself.  He  accepted that he shot Oswald solely because Dallas Police told him that he did, even though he had no memory of doing it, no intention of doing it, no will to do it, and no perception or understanding of himself as being a person capable of doing it. So submissive to authority was he that he accepted being a killer solely on the basis of being told so. It's sad; very sad; and Jack Ruby is no doubt one of the most abused persons who ever lived. Oswald could fight back, but not Jack Ruby. He was helpless. 

But, this is 2019, and the facts are known. Please: become a defender of Jack Ruby. Deny his guilt. Take a stand. And be bold about it. You have grounds to be.      


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