Sunday, July 14, 2019

How can all these guys be Billy Lovelady on November 22, 1963? 

Bald? With hair? Stocky? Thin? The one directly above "Thin" is a total freak show, and it's because of distortion which occurred when they inserted it into the Hughes film. He looks like a cartoon. Don't you agree? That's essentially what he was. All of this is fraudulent. None of them were Lovelady. And the only one who was even there is the one in the upper right, and he was Oswald. They deliberately blurred the Wiegman film to obscure him; to make him unrecognizable. 

We have only one reliable, authentic, trustworthy image of Billy Lovelady, and that's this one which was pirated by Mark Lane. This is Billy Lovelady. All the rest is phony crap. 

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