Monday, January 13, 2020

Esper!  That dumb fruck now says that he thinks the attacks were just days away. Trump said that he didn't know when the attacks were coming, that they could be days away, weeks away, or whatever, but now Esper thinks he can claim days, even though he has yet to provide a speck of evidence of any planned attacks.  What's the intelligence, Esper? Did you intercept a phone call of Suleimani's in which he spoke of attacking within days? Hell no. If you had that, then you would know exactly what, where, and when.  

But then, get this: Esper said that Suleimani was "a legitimate military target." WHAT???????? We are not at war with Iran. There can't be any military targets between two countries who are not in a state of war. It can't be a world in which one country can kill the military leader of another country, with whom they are not at war, and then claim he was a legitimate military target. Might as well have the Serbs who killed the Archduke Ferdinand say that they killed a legitimate military target. There are no legitimate military targets between countries who are not at war. 

And think about this: If they knew where the attacks were going to occur, such as at the US Embassy, then they could have bolstered the military strength and readiness of the Embassy. They could have gotten ready for it and caught them in the act. They could have crushed the attack when it came. We are the world's only super-power, and they're rag-tag, in comparison. So, why be fearful of an attack that you know is coming? Do they think our powerful military couldn't handle it even when they knew it was coming and could prepare? 

Killing Suleimani is only going to spur attacks. But, if we had waited and let them attack, then we would have been on the  defense, and then the moral high ground would have been ours.

Oh My God, this is such a catastrophe. I hated Obama because he killed thousands, including many children, but at least he did settle things down with Iran. They had the nuclear deal. Iran was abiding by it. They were allowing inspections. There was relative peace, calm, and equanimity with Iran when Obama left office. But then, Trump gets in, cancels the whole thing, ratchets up the tension,  confrontation and hostility; imposes draconian sanctions which are starving Iranians; ups and kills their top military leader, and now that stupid ignoramus Esper refers to the guy as a "legitimate military target" even though there is no war, and there can't be any military targets without a hot war going on.  

They haven't provided ANYTHING to prove that Suleimani was planning any attack. Nothing. And they keep evading the fact that SULEIMANI WENT TO IRAQ TO CONFER WITH IRAQI LEADERS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, AT THEIR INVITATION, INCLUDING THE PRIME MINISTER OF IRAQ. That is what he was doing there, and that has been substantiated, in spades, by the Iraqi government.

Plus, we didn't just kill Suleimani; we killed 9 other people, all Iraqis, and all of them were connected to the Iraqi government. 

I tell you, if it were possible for someone to make a citizen's arrest of Trump, Pompeo, and Esper for their heinous and atrocious crimes, I would volunteer to do it in a nanosecond. I would travel to Washington, at my own expense, to do it.  This is a horrendous situation that cannot be ameliorated, but getting them behind bars would bring some solace. 

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