Saturday, January 11, 2020

Iran has admitted shooting down the Ukrainian airliner by human error. Specifically, the airliner flew close to a military base and was perceived as a threat during a high state of alert.  Apparently, the Iranians thought that the U.S.was going to respond with an aerial attack to their action, and someone, whose trigger finger was hyper edgy, perceived it as a threat and fired. 

So, it was an accident in the sense of a miscalculation, misperception, and misjudgment. There was no desire on anyone's part to shoot down the Ukrainian plane. I would call it a mistake of war. 

Of course, the U.S. government blames Iran. But, the U.S. government, in trying to kill Saddam Hussein, killed numerous children. Recently, the U.S. government killed 30 pine nut harvesters in Afghanistan. That was a mistake of war too, and the mistakes of war that the U.S. government has made are too numerous to count. What they're doing now is pure hypocrisy, and you can't count their hypocrisies either because they are too numerous. 

In Philosophy, the concept of causation is examined profusely, and it depends on what your perspective is, and I'll give you mine. In this case, we are dealing with a series of extremely aberrant events. The first aberrant event, the killing of the Iran's top general in Baghdad, was so aberrant that there is actually nothing to compare it to for over a century. When has it happened before that two nations who were not at war,  where one killed the other's highest military officer? It has never happened before in the last 100 years. How aberrant is that? 

And although the U.S. claims that this top general was a terrorist and that he was plotting terrorist acts against the U.S., the fact is that there is no evidence that he ever committed a terrorist act, and there is plenty of evidence that he fought terrorism. Against Suleimani, there is no evidence that he committed terrorist acts. Not one. Look:

Charge: Suleimani killed the U.S. Marines in Beiruit in 1984. 

Response: No he didn't.

Charge: Suleimani was responsible for the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. 

Response: No, he wasn't. 

Charge: Suleimani was responsible for the bombing of a Jewish community center in Argentina. 

Response: No, he wasn't. 

And the list goes on and on. Do you see what I'm getting at? It's true that I just issued denials, but all they do is issue charges. And believe me, if they tried to substantiate the charges, I would have no trouble substantiating the denials. 

For instance, one of their charges is that Suleimani was a terrorist because some of the Americans killed in Iraq were killed by Shite militias, which makes Suleimani responsible because he's Shite. But, those American soldiers crossed the ocean and started attacking and killing Iraqis. So, not only was Suleimani not a terrorist, but neither were the Shite militas who were fighting us. Can you see who the terrorists were in that situation? It was the American soldiers, of course.  

Repeat: There is NO evidence that Suleimani EVER committed a terrorist act. 

So, we are dealing with a situation in which a terrorist (the United States government) is calling others terrorists for fighting back against their American terrorism. 

But, I will tell you, categorically, that I have been trying, doggedly, for a week now to find any evidence that Suleimani ever committed even one terrorist act, and there is NOTHING out there. There is only the sick, twisted perspective of the United States and nothing else, the perspective that they can cross the ocean and attack a 3rd world country and that those fighting back are terrorists. 

But, let's get back to who is responsible for the deaths of the Ukrainians, Canadians, and others on the plane. I said that it all started with an extremely aberrant act: the killing of Suleimani and his party, a total of 10 people, consisting of Iraqis and whatever Iranians traveled with Suleimani. It was a willful act of multiple murders, including of individuals who weren't accused of anything. We're talking about two carloads of people, but two of them were probably just drivers. Now, I realize full-well that, in war, innocents get killed, but there was no state of war between the United States and Iran. And since there were Iraqis among the dead, it's necessary to point out that there was no state of war between the United States and Iraq. And we are talking about an event for which the closest parallel I can think of was the killing of the Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 by a team of Serbs (who were  organized and financed by the British) which led to World War 1 which killed 40 million people. The Archduke was a political leader while Suleimani was a military leader, but the distinction isn't all that important because Suleimani was also a popular leader in Iran. 

So, you have to go back to 1914, over a century, to find an act comparable to this, and that is how aberrant it was. So, that aberration led to the Iranian response of firing missiles, and that led to mistaking of the Ukrainian airliner for a threat, which led to the downing of the plane which killed all those people.  

But, the point is that there was a relatively stable state which got disrupted by the Americans. The instability and chaos that followed were all the direct consequence of the disturbing of the peace by the Americans. So, the U.S. knocked over the first domino with a hyper-violent act, and then the other dominoes fell as a result of the instability and chaos that followed.

So, who is responsible for all the deaths? The United States is. We are responsible for the 10 people we killed in Iraq; the 50 or so people who were trampled to death at Soleimani's funeral; and the 176 people who were aboard the Ukrainian plane that crashed.  The events were so closely linked that it is impossible to causally separate them, and the whole deviation from the norms of behavior was instigated by the United States. 

So, if I were a Ukrainian or Canadian who lost family or loved ones, and I was looking for whom to blame and whom to sue, it would be the United States government. And to Trump, Pompeo and Esper, I curse you, and I curse the day that each of you were born. If there's a hell, you're going to burn. 




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