Monday, January 6, 2020

I am very pleased to have connected with Steve Kober on Facebook. He's the one who initiated the Education Forum thread on the ice bullet theory of the back shot. He referred to it as a "paralyzing ice bullet" but obviously, ice alone wouldn't paralyze. There had to be something in the ice.

Now, before anybody says that it's too wild, too farfetched, it is not. This is from 1975, just 12 years after the assassination. At the famed Church hearings, the CIA's frozen dart to deliver a drug that would mimic heart attack was one of the biggest things covered.  

But, let's start at the beginning. It's been 56 years since the assassination, and we are still left not knowing how a bullet could enter JFK's back and come to a stop less than an inch inside him and then disappear. Some people have said that it must have "worked out" but no. That's impossible because it went through 3 layers of clothes, so even if it "worked out" of his back, it would have stayed caught in the clothes and found in the clothes. It certainly wasn't going to go out the same way it came in. That whole argument is specious.

And why would they shoot him in the upper back? They were out to kill him, right? So, why take what was likely to be a non-lethal shot? Why not just shoot him in the head? And considering that it was a relatively close shot, probably taken from the Dal-Tex building, there is no reason to think that they were aiming for his head and but hit him in the back out of incompetency. I think we should assume that they hit him in the back because they were aiming for his back. 

Someone suggested that there was no need to immobilize him with a drug because he was already restricted by his back brace.  First, the back brace didn't restrict him that much. he was walking around; getting in an out of a car, shaking hands, etc. He was moving freely despite the back brace. Plus, the drug did more than spasm his muscles, which I am going to discuss. It also numbed his mind. It zombied him. JFK was in combat. Remember PT 109? He kept his wits about him then, but it is very obvious in the Zapruder film that he was out of it mentally. he was dazed, confused, and not cognizant of what was going on. If his mind had registered on the fact that he was under attack, wouldn't he have gotten his wife to get down? They hit Connally by mistake, and they could have hit her. But, Kennedy was out of it. It's like he was drunk.

Now, let's talk about the signs that JFK was hit by a nerve agent.  First, you should watch this video by Gil Jesus again in which he explains that upon being shot in the throat, JFK went into a panic because, apparently, his airway was obstructed by the bullet, and he sought to cough it up. And apparently, he succeeded because that concern ended.

But, I ask you to focus on two things: the way JFK brought his hands up, and the fact that he was unable to relax his muscles afterwards; they remained tightly contracted.

It isn't normal to raise your elbows like that. If he was putting his hand over his mouth so that he could cough. he only had to raise his hand. There was no reason to bring his elbow up. Here is a girl coughing into her fist, and you can see that her elbow stayed down.

   That's how people do it, and they do it that way instinctively because the neuromusculoskeletal system is efficient. There is no need to be holding your elbow up. So, why did Kennedy do it the way he did? I suspect it's because the nerve agent lowered the depolarization threshold throughout his muscular system, and his action spilled over into using muscles that weren't really needed, such as the deltoid. And then, even when he was finished, he couldn't relax his arms. He continued holding them that way.

It isn't normal, and you can't just blame it on the stress and the trauma. If that were true, then we'd be seeing that reaction a lot. But, I've never seen it before or since. Have you? 

Here he is at Z285, and he is still all contracted. We can't see him as well, but the indications are that he is just cramped as can be.

Look how his trapezius is all contracted. He really looks tight. Compare him to Jackie. Look how relaxed she looks in comparison. I know she hasn't been shot, but she is under stress, right? JFK was shot very shallowly in the back, and he was shot shallowly in the throat too. There is no reason to think that the trauma from either of those shots affected his nervous system. 

We know that the Single Bullet Theory is complete rubbish. If he had had a bullet tunnel through his neck from back to front, he would have been incapacitated. He would have gone down. He probably would have lost consciousness. He certainly would not have been able to use all those muscles. Even if the bullet somehow miraculously didn't damage his spinal cord or the nerves adjacent to it, the inflammation alone would have impaired his functioning to the point that he could not have done the things he did. So, the Single Bullet Theory is just complete lunacy. 

So, we are left with a missile hitting him in the back, high up in the Plaza, doing no significant physical harm at all, nothing incapacitating, and yet, he stopped waving, stopped interacting with the crowd; we can see in three successive photos that he wasn't interacting with the crowd; and he got a look on his face that his wife Jackie described as "quizzical." That's quizzical as in, "Something is happening to me, but I don't know what it is."

During the Church hearings, it was said that the ice dart felt no more impactful than a mosquito bite. And the purpose was to introduce a lethal drug. In this case, the lethality was going to be accomplished with a bullet. So, the shot to his back must have had another purpose. And keep in mind that if it was a regular shot, it may not have been lethal hitting me where it did, but it still would have been more impactful than a mosquito bite.  

So, here is what we're left with:

1. JFK was hit with a non-lethal shot in a non-lethal location on his body in which the missile barely penetrated his skin. It was very, very shallow. That is an extremely weird thing to happen, but the ice bullet melting explains it. And what's the alternative?

2. JFK's behavior changed right away from that hit. He stopped smiling and waving. He apparently became disengaged from the crowd. His wife described his look as quizzical. And it was not an appropriate time and place for him to be looking quizzical. 

3. JFK exhibited very weird muscular actions with excessive and inappropriate muscular contractions and with the inability to release those contractions. 

4. JFK exhibited mental disorientation, confusion, and helplessness, and considering who he was and what he had been through in his life: the war, the Cuban Missile Crisis, etc., it is very perplexing. He was a very smart man, and certainly smart enough to realize what was going on- if he had his wits about him, which he did not.

The only thing that explains the extremely shallow penetration of the bullet and the disappearance of the bullet is that it melted inside him. And using a melting bullet only makes sense if the purpose was to deliver a pharmaceutical. Because: without that, it is essentially doing nothing. 

I think Occam would be very pleased with this explanation because it's the only one that accounts for everything. Without this, it's just a series of unanswered questions, of unresolved problems, as to why he would be shot in the back; why the bullet would only enter a fraction of an inch; why it would disappear, then why he would start exhibiting strange physical, mental, and behavioral oddities that are otherwise inexplicable. So, so anyone who doesn't like this theory, all I can say is: you got anything better?   

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