Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Our government and media have not been telling us the truth.  I just found out that shortly before the Suleimani strike, the United States was bombing Iraqi forces in Iraq.  And guess what? The Iraqi government didn't like it. But first:

"Gen. Qasem Soleimani had visited Iraq at the official invitation of the Iraqi government to meet with the Prime Minister of the country." 

That's from the Prime Minister. Why is it that the U.S. government and the U.S. media didn't tell us that? Don't you think it's important?  We never heard it from Trump or Pompeo. Yet, they had to know it. The Iraqi Prime Minister said that Trump knew. But, Trump and Pompeo said that Suleimani was there to meet with terrorists to plot attacks on Americans. 

No, no, no. He was there entirely to confer with the Iraqi government at the highest level. And that "terrorist" he met up with at the airport, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, was the head of the Popular Mobilization Unit. We've been told that he was a terrorist, but, he worked for the Iraqi government. The Popular Mobilization Unit is an entity of the Iraqi Military. And this guy was also an Iraqi politician. He was elected to the Iraqi Parliament in 2005. 

The Iraqi government did not consider al-Muhandis a terrorist, and they recognize the Popular Mobilization Unit he led as a legitimate arm of their military.

If you don't believe me, will you believe the Iraqi government about this? It turns out that right before the recent killings, the U.S. Military was targeting the Popular Mobilization Units along the Syrian border, which means that we were acting out militarily against a part of the Iraq Miltary- a part that we don't like. 

This is from the official Iraqi govt website. The date was December 31, so it was just 5 days before the strike on Suleimani:
The National Security Council held an emergency meeting in Baghdad to discuss the US air strikes against Iraqi forces belonging to Popular Mobilization Units on the Iraqi-Syrian border and the repercussions of this attack.
Following the meeting, the Council said in a statement: “The Iraqi Government condemns this act and considers it a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. This is a serious violation of the rules of engagement of the Coalition forces, including the US forces, in carrying out operations without the approval of the Iraqi Government.”

They issued that statement before any of this happened. Don't you get it? Don't you see what it was all really about? 

THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT WAS GETTING CHUMMY WITH IRAN, and the U.S. government did not like it. We killed Suleimani, not just to send a message to Iran, BUT TO SEND A MESSAGE TO IRAQ that we won't tolerate any collaboration between Iraq and Iran, especially not military collaboration. So, Suleimani represented the Iranian Military and al-Muhandis was like his counterpart in the Iraqi Military. And we killed them both to send both their respective governments a message to forget about any kind of military cooperation, to stop it now because we won't tolerate it.  

But we, the American people, weren't informed of any of this. We were given the impression that Suleimani snuck into the country, and it was our great spycraft that tracked him down at the airport and took him out. IT WAS AN OFFICIAL STATE VISIT, and yes, Suleimani was officially representing the government of Iran to the government of Iraq. 

The truth is so very different from what we've been told. And now that you know you were being deceived and misled by your government and media, are you going to continue to believe the things they're saying about Suleimani, that he was responsible for terror attacks in Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina, and the barrack attack in Beirut in 1983, etc. etc. etc.????   

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