Thursday, January 9, 2020

I've got it! The best outcome from this atrocity would be for the Iraqi government to follow-through with its intention and expel the United States from its country. So, I tweeted them the following on Twitter:
@IraqiGovt The killing of Gen. Suleimani has rocked many, including me. I urge you to execute your intention to expel the U.S from Iraq. Trump threatened sanctions but the world will not support such an atrocity. The most fitting tribute to the general is to do it.@CinqueRalph
Imagine if a million Americans sent them such a tweet. It just might give them the courage to do it. Oh, how sweet that would be. And it's true that the Idiot Trump has already threatened sanctioned, but it's because he's a fool. You can't starve a country just because they don't want your troops there. He certainly can't say that the Iraqi government is terrorist. So, the world is not going to stand for the starving of Iraqis just because they are sick of and disgusted with the USA. They will keep buying Iraqi oil, if only to feed them.
So, join me. Go on Twitter and tweet @IraqiGovt a message. Urge them to stand up to Goliath. This latest U.S. outrage should be the final straw- for everyone in the civilized world, that they've had it with the 800 pound gorilla that has been terrorizing the planet. It would be sweet, wouldn't it? It would be fitting justice for General Suleimani, who spent his whole life fighting terrorism- not committing it. Do it, please do it.

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