Tuesday, January 7, 2020

It's time to dump Trump
by Ralph C. Cinque

I understand that there were people who supported Trump, and they had their reasons. But, in what he's done now, giving in to his warmongering, neo-con handlers, is so horrific and abominable, that no one should be supporting him.  In a fiery act of terror killing 8 people from two countries, he has defiled America. They haven't provided one iota of evidence that Suleimani killed any Americans or was plotting to do so. They are just claiming it and repeating it- over and over again. Do we just have to take their word for it? If so, then it means he can go anywhere in the world and kill anyone he wants.   

Think about the fact that you have been given nothing to substantiate the charge that Suleimani was a terrorist.The United States has bombed 9 wedding parties in Afghanistan, killing women and children. We recently killed 30 pine nut harvesters in Afghanistan. And that's just a sampling. The whole war has been an atrocity. If anyone is a terrorist, it is us.  Those crimes are proven and admitted to, but it's just lip-flapping against Suleimani, which doesn't count for anything. 

Imagine if Trump were on trial for killing 8 people, which he claimed was justifiable homicide, imagine what the burden would be.     

And, let's consider what the evidence might be if they actually offered some, which they haven't. It could be documentation- that was faked.. It could be a recording- that was fabricated. How about a video tape of a fat version of Suleimani bragging and rejoicing about killing Americans?  How about some Iranian dissidents who say that he did it, like the Iraqi dissidents who said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?  

You see what the problem is, that even if they did provide evidence, it would probably be fake- like the phony video tape of Fatty bin laden gloating about doing 9/11. But, they're not even doing that. They're just saying that Suleimani was a terrorist and needed killing, and we have to take their word for it. 

The harm that Trump has done, the hatred for America that he has inspired, the risk of war that he has fomented, have done incalculable damage. And remember that the U.S. can't beat the rag-tag Taliban in Afghanistan, who have no Navy and no Air Force. They don't even have an Army. They have no tanks. And yet, he provokes war with Iran? 

Not only is Iran on a different stratosphere of military strength, Iran has powerful friend in Russia. Putin drew a line in the sand with Syria. Bashar al-Assad, who never used chemical weapons despite the false accusations, would be dead now if not for Putin. Assad would have gone the way of Saddam and Gaddafi. Instead, with Putin's help, Assad has prevailed over our rebels in Syria, resulting in yet another lost war for us. Putin received Suleimani on a formal visit to Moscow and treated him with dignity and respect. The Russians didn't consider him a terrorist. On the contrary, they knew he was fighting terrorism. 

The Trump regime claims that they knew of Suleimani's plans to attack Americans. If that's true, then they could have prepared for it and taken preemptive action to protect our people while at the same time catching him in the act. Why not use the intelligence to safeguard the unit that was to be attacked and then turn it around when the time came?  If they really knew what he was planning to do, then they had the means to protect our people and stop him. So, even if the accusations were true, it would not justify the action that was taken. For the U.S. to kill anyone it wants, based on sheer accusations, in ghastly acts of terror, committed not in a war zone but at an airport, is terrifying to people everywhere. It sends the message to all people that the United States is the judge, jury, and executioner of everyone on this planet, giving us the right to go anywhere and kill anyone for whatever reason, including things we say they may do in the future. We are, in effect, telling people everywhere that the United States is the God of this planet. 

Donald Trump should be impeached and then criminally prosecuted not for his chat with the Ukrainian President but for his wanton act of murder. He is an out-of-control maniac- a menace to this country and the world.   

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