Monday, September 11, 2017

Amy Joyce pointed me to the Fritz typewritten notes, with this:

So, Fritz claimed that Oswald said that he was eating with James Jarman and Harold Norman during the motorcade, which was a lie by Fritz. Oswald didn't say that, and he never would have said that. First, this was 1963 in Dallas, a former Confederate city that was very divided racially and a long way from integration. It's doubtful whites and blacks ate together, period. Notice that in the doorway, the one black guy, Carl Jones, stood apart from the whites. But, in Oswald's case, it's very doubtful that he ever ate with anybody. He was a longer, a recluse at the TSBD, and why he was that way is an interesting question in itself because I don't get the impression he was that way in Russia. In Russia, he had a lot of friends, and he was very social.  But, moving on, not only was it unlikely that any of them would have put off eating lunch in order to do it during the historic motorcade, but we know from the record that Jarman and Norman ate early and were up on the 5th floor during the motorcade.

Jarman was standing a little back from Norman, and there is another picture in which you can faintly see him. So, this image alone proves that Will Fritz lied in his notes and in what he said to the Warren Commission. It's not that he may have lied; it is that he definitely and absolutely lied. 

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