Monday, September 11, 2017

Denis Morrissette claims to have an image of James Bookhout from 1968, but he doesn't even have it posted on his own website about JFK investigators. Instead, he has this:

The yearbook photos are definitely Bookhout, but they have been doctored. Neither James Bookhout, nor anyone else who has ever lived, has had eyebrows like this:

So, the bottom line is that, yes, that is an image of James W. Bookhout, but it is an altered image of him. But this guy?
There is no basis to say that that is Bookhout. There is nothing about his look that matches Bookhout in the yearbook photos, which are our only standard of reference. He has a very wizened look. He looks old. He has an old face. He certainly looks older than 49, which was Bookhout's age in 1963.

If he was 49, I would actually be old enough to be his father, assuming it was an image from the time of the assassination.

The question is: why does Denis Morrissette have that up on his site? What is the basis for claiming that that is Bookhout, and does it even come close to the threshold of being reasonable? No, it does not. 

So, I suspect he put it up there just to have something- and probably also to counter my claims.

Denis: if that's your 1968 photo, then you've got nothing. So, just slither away. And if that's NOT your 1968 photo, then why do you brandish this one on your website? Why don't you put the 1968 photo up on your website of JFK investigators?   

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