Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I've got to hand it to OIC member Dr. Thomas Halle, who really socked it to this radio news outlet that is supposed to be "alternative." It concerns 9/11:


Hello. Caught your brief news report this A.M., via our Pacifica Radio outlet in Los Angeles, KPFK. I must say that one story left me very upset.You did a short piece on this being the 16th anniversary of the “9-11” event in NYC and other locations in the northeast USA, just after the turn of the new century. OK, but you said NOT WORD ONE about the “911 Truth movement" (of which I am a member)!! This was unconscionable, and you should be ASHAMED of yourselves! Is this alternative and TRULY RELEVANT radio, or just the same old Official Narrative based junk (the "True Believer" tripe regularly served up on CNN and the other mainstream radio and TV networks)?

And, BTW: aside from some reporting on the REAL story here, I don’t GIVE a DAMN about any insipid stuff about this event being about American patriotism…or about America being attacked by international terrorists....as our country is pulled out from under us by the fascists and predatory capitalists. That is the same FOUL PROPAGANDA (RIGHT out of the Dr. Goebbels’ playbook!) that got us into these predatory military ventures in IraqAfghanistanSyria and Libya (and in Vietnam in the middle of the 20th century!)…that never seem to have an exit plan or date (and are ALL ABOUT the “Military Industrial (Intelligence) Complex). SHAME ON YOU!!!

Please show some integrity and remedy this flub (giving you the benefit of the doubt) during the Evening News tonight!!


Dr. T.C.Halle
Los Angeles

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