Monday, September 11, 2017

This is by Amy Joyce, but it's something that I also noticed myself but had yet to write it up. 

Amy Joyce:

Ralph, there is an interesting "error" in a hallway scenes of Donald House and Oswald.

The above link has a clip of House cuffed and being walked through the hallway of the Fort Worth police station.  Later Oswald is cuffed and being walked through the hallway of the Dallas police station.  If you listen to what the TV announcer says at 1:35 (about House) and 4:50 (about Oswald) it is identical - exactly the same thing ("Oh God, now we have to inoculate this guy").  An error or purposely changed in one?  I wonder if if it was decided that they wanted not to disclose what someone actually said (perhaps Oswald) at that time.  Oswald could have yelled out something of importance about his arrest.

Ralph Cinque:

I was aware of that, Amy, and of course, as soon as I heard the voice of the cynical reporter saying that about House, I recognized it as the same voice who said that about Oswald. Thanks for pointing out that House was in Ft. Worth. So, obviously, they took the recording from one and applied it to the other. My first thought about hearing it was: 'So, not only did they scramble video, mixing and matching things that didn't follow, but they also scrambled the audio.'  

As for which it really occurred with, I don't know, but I am inclined to think that that it did occur with Oswald- from the gist of it. Because: in saying now we have to inoculate THIS guy, it implies to me that there was another guy that came before that they already had to inoculate. So that would suggest that maybe something was said during the House perp walk that they wanted to get rid of and replace.

But, that's all speculation. What is fact is that they scrambled not just video but audio. Thank you. 

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