Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amy Joyce responds to the Wizard's gif:

The following is what Louis Miller reported about his encounter with the shooter:

"This person was hit from behind and propelled in my direction.  I grabbed him around the neck and helped to take him into the jail office".  ~Liar

The only truth in that sentence was that Miller helped take the shooter into the jail office.  The rest is complete rubbish.

Obviously Miller wouldn't report the truth; that he calmly walked toward the incident just as the shooter crouched and purposely, by his own will, lunged forward between Leavelle and Graves toward Miller, so that he could cover the shooter's head and protect his identity.   

There was no one behind the shooter to hit and propel him forward!  Also, the self-lunging is obvious, as seen in at least 3 available films.  Nobody hit him from behind and he wasn't propelled forward.

Ralph Cinque: Amy, I like the word you came up with , self-lunged. In the past, I have said that the shooter dove towards the police, but lunge is a better word, and he certainly did it himself. Nobody shoved him. He went to them. It's also plainly obvious that he didn't try to shoot again or shoot anyone else. So, Leavelle's teary-eyed account of "Ruby" trying to pull the trigger again, with the barrel pointed towards him, Leavelle, and LC Graves saving his life is complete horse shit.  And let's remember what we are talking about here: The Dallas detectives not only lied to frame Ruby; they were complicit in Oswald's murder. 

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