Friday, February 9, 2018

Along the same line as that being the 3rd floor corridor and Saturday night that the "Ruby" figure was perched, look at this:

The primary image here is of the older Boyd years later. He is on the 3rd floor. It was for a retrospective. On his right, our left, is where the elevator used to be. You can still see the button pad on the wall. That is the same spot where he was on 11/24/63.

Look at the button pad. It's the exact same spot. It's next to the elevator on the 3rd floor. BUT, THERE IS NO CLAIM THAT AFTER CUFFING RUBY IN THE JAIL OFFICE THAT HE WAS TAKEN UP TO THE 3RD FLOOR. The claim is that he was taken immediately up to the 5th floor jail. 

Those men are shoving Ruby into the elevator from the basement floor where the jail office was, and you can hear the announcer say that they are taking him up to the jail on the 5th floor. Nothing has ever been said about stopping, for any reason, on the 3rd floor. Ruby was eventually taken to the 3rd floor to be interviewed by Fritz, but that was much later in the day. Like 3:00. Fritz wasn't there then. Fritz went to Parkland Hospital to find out about Oswald's fate. It wasn't until after he got back that they brought Ruby to the 3rd floor to talk to him. So, this 3rd floor picture can't possibly be Jack Ruby because he was not brought to the 3rd floor at that time.

That is NOT Jack Ruby with Boyd, Sims, and Hall. It is FBI Agent James Bookhout with Boyd, Sims, and Hall. It was immediately after the garage spectacle, within 2 minutes. And let's consider that Bookhout was wearing a jacket in the garage, but here, the jacket is off. And I want you to think about something else: He doesn't have his hands cuffed behind him. Are they cuffed in front? We can't tell. This guy may not be cuffed at all. He may just be clasping his hands. The picture has to be cropped. It seems unlikely that anyone would center it that high or that the camera field would be that small. But, think about it. After that melee in the garage, when they finally got around to cuffing the shooter, wouldn't they cuff his hands in back? That is what police normally do. If a man is struggling with you, it's much harder to cuff him in front because while you're trying to do it, he can move his hands and his arms and resist you. But, if you turn him face down to the ground and bring his hands behind him, as you press him to the floor, now he is immobilized. Now, he can't do a damn thing. At that point in time, "Ruby" should be handcuffed with his hands behind him, not in front. 


You can see that, if anything, his hands must be cuffed behind him. If they were cuffed in front, we'd see his arms coming down. And notice that he still has his tie on. And notice how disheveled he looks. So, how could he look like this 2 minutes later:

How did his shirt get buttoned? How did his tie come off? How did his hands wind up in front of him, either cuffed or uncuffed, and what is he doing on the 3rd floor at that time when he wasn't brought there at that time? 

And that is not from later on because later on, the 3rd floor was bustling, crowded with reporters. Do you realize that they were standing in the dark there? The only light was from the flash. When you watch it in the film, you can barely see them, it's so dark. Then suddenly, they get illuminated from the camera flash. But, later on, the 3rd floor lights were on. They were essentially hiding there in the dark until a reporter found them. It was not supposed to happen. 

That is not Jack Ruby. It is James Bookhout. And anyone who denies that now is in league with the killers. 

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