Tuesday, February 6, 2018

For the first time, I just realized something: Blackie Harrison is included in the Beers photo. You know how prominently he looms in the Jackson photo, puffing on his cigar and reaching his massive arm out, presumably to stop Ruby. 

So, you see him on the right in Jackson, cigar to his mouth, and arm going across. But, do you see the guy in the dark clothes on the edge of the picture in Beers? That's supposed to be Blackie too. And the way I know is because he's holding the cigar.

So, that would mean that in .6 second (and we hear that often as the time interval between Beers and Jackson) he went from standing there with both elbows bent to extending his right arm far and simultaneously bringing his cigar to his mouth.
But wait! There's more! He's wearing a wrist watch on the right in Jackson, and it's right at the base of his hand. Shouldn't we be seeing it on the left?

He's got his elbow bent and his hand raised, which shortens the sleeve. So, if his wrist watch is showing in Jackson, it should be showing in Beers.

That must have been one tight wrist watch if raising his hand to his mouth didn't cause the watch band to slip. That's because there is this thing called GRAVITY. And from the look of it, his watch is going right over the styloid process of the radius. Who wears his watch like that? I could see it slipping like that if his arm was down, but not when his arm is up. 
And look at the configuration of the watch strap. Why is it so lopsided? It seems off-kilter to me.

So, if we are talking about .6 seconds, it means that Blackie simultaneously reached for a man wielding a gun with one hand and brought his cigar to his mouth with the other hand.

Who would do that? If anything, he would drop the cigar? Who cares about a cigar when you're trying to stop a killer?

This is just one more proof that the whole claim that there is just .6 second between Beers and Jackson is a lie. There are so many discrepancies between these two photos, and all it takes is one to disassociate them. 

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