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We know that Jack Ruby definitely went to the DPD late Friday night. He went there to distribute sandwiches, which he bought for his precious detectives. But, when they didn't want them, he sought out the KGIF news crew to give the sandwiches to them since they were "working the case." But, how entrenched was he in the Midnight Press Conference? Amy, I, and the Wizard are starting to wonder. And Amy noticed something that in the most famous image of Jack Ruby at the MPC, he doesn't move. At least compared to the others, he doesn't.  Is the image real? Here's Amy:

Amy Joyce:

I stumbled across these pictures today.  Look closely and you will see that they are all slightly different.  

Like the alleged film of Ruby from the same night, notice how little Ruby moves (his mouth/smile/hands all seem the same) compared to the others.  

RC: It doesn't seem like a pose that one would hold very long, with the arm flexed like that.

Amy Joyce (cont.)

The third photo appears identical to the second but it's different.  The main difference can be seen by the position of the man's head at the far bottom left. Both the 2nd and the third were marked as exhibit 2424 from the WC.

RC: The above is the one in which Ruby looks decidedly younger. He also looks thinner. It may be because they altered the aspect ratio.

Amy Joyce cont. 

From Mark Lane's Rush to Judgement, at 1:08:10 there is an alleged clip of the film.  Again Ruby is not in motion while others are.

RC: Wait. They flipped it. They left-to-right flipped it. So, the photo we have been looking at all these years is a mirror image. 

I tell you, the JFK assassination must be the most left-to-right flipped event in the history of Man. 

Why'd they flip it? I don't know. But, I don't assume it was an accident. 

Here he is a few seconds later, still holding that pose. What is that in his hands? Is it a pencil or pen? What's he holding it for? Was he going to write something down? On what?

Later in the video, it features Sergeant Patrick Dean, who said that he was waiting at the armored truck to take Oswald to the County Jail. But, everyone else conceded afterwards that the armored truck was just a ruse, that Oswald was to ride in the car that Dhority was backing up. 

I don't see how Dean could have been up by the armored car, which was at the top of the ramp, and that's because he was embroiled in the melee immediately. He was the one cop in uniform among the penguins. Plus, he lied. He wasn't up by the armored truck. If you watch the KRLD film, he reaches the melee 4 seconds after the shot, but he came from the Main Street side. In the image below, he was went from our right to our left. That's the Main Street side, not the Commerce Street side where the armored truck was.  

Here he is a half second before. And you can see that he came from our right. 

After that, it goes to an interview of Jim Leavelle, in which he told his famous lies about seeing Ruby, recognizing him as Ruby, seeing the gun, etc.

But, something just occurred to me. Bill Lord asked Leavelle if Oswald was unconscious as soon as he hit the floor, and Leavelle said that either he was unconscious or if not, he was nearly unconscious. But, I want you to think about what it means, how serious it rendered the situation. It's not normal for an abdominal gunshot victim to lose consciousness immediately. If Oswald's lights went out immediately, it means that he was really devastated internally. And that's because the abdomen is a long way from the brain, which provides consciousness, and the only thing that could cause the brain to shut down would be a lack of blood. And of course, the story is that Oswald was devastated, that his major blood vessels were cut, and he was bleeding like a fountain inside. But, my point is that if it really happened that way in the garage, then how did Oswald live long enough to reach Parkland alive? If his brain was deprived of blood instantly in that garage, I don't see how he could have lived from 11:20 to 11:30 to reach Parkland alive. 

It is my thesis that Oswald was shot in the jail office, and that's because Dr. Fred Bieberdorf did report seeing Oswald on the floor, with his shirt pulled up, and his entrance wound exposed, bloodless, and Oswald showed no signs of life. The Bieb really thought he was dead. But, I find it difficult to believe that the Bieb flat-out lied about that. So, I do think Oswald was shot in the jail office. But, according to the Bieb's testimony, he wasn't allowed into the jail office for at least 2 minutes after the shooting. It may have been closer to 3 minutes. So, if they were working lightening fast to get Oswald shot and placed on the floor, it means that the clock didn't start ticking for Oswald for at least 2 minutes longer.  And that would have helped a lot. 

This is the first glimpse that we get of Oswald post-shooting.

 We heard Bill Lord say as they were wheeling him out of the jail office that it was 11:24. If Oswald was shot at 11:20, that would make it 4 minutes later. Notice how white and waxen his right hand looks. That I consider to be fake. His left hand doesn't look like that. And look how much smaller his left hand is. I have no idea what that white thing is over Oswald, and that may be fake too, as in trick photography. Nobody claimed to put a dressing or other covering over Oswald. I assume Oswald was really shot here, and again, it's because of the Bieb's testimony. Nevertheless, it is a highly manipulated image. Most likely, Oswald's right arm was not resting on his chest like that. It would have been terribly wrong to do that to an abdominal gunshot victim. Oswald could not have done it himself since he was unconscious. So, who lifted Oswald's arm and placed it over his chest? Doesn't it seem like we would have heard if somebody did that? So, I think that's fake. Oswald's right arm was probably at his side.  

Below is the Wizard's response to Amy's write-up. He noticed the mirror image too. 


Thanks. It is very limited movement again on the part of Ruby, as you say, and another very short clip.

Both photos were designated 'Exhibit 2424'?

In these versions the wall looks a bit papery, like the set of an early 60s Doctor WHO story. Do you remember what Sam Pate said about 'partitions' at the trial after failing to ID Ruby in 2424?  (I wonder which 2424 photo they showed Sam. The judge would not let the defense see it.) I'm beginning to wonder if they staged Sassa, Jim Davidson and a few other 'ops' against a partition and either had a Ruby lookalike or just pasted him into that corner. I am even wondering if the Henry Wade/'Free Cuba Committee'/'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' cross-talk act was part of the performance.

I mentioned it before, but note that the assembly room footage in the Mark Lane film is a mirror image. 

Just in passing, check out the scrawny neck on the Ruby figure in the photos. His shirt collar looks loose. This is something of a contrast to the garage shooter's bull neck. 

RC: Good point, Wizard. Obviously, the neck of the Garage Shooter was very bull-like compared to Ruby's neck. 

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