Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Wizard made this gif of this very weird film clip in which it starts with a still image and then morphs into a moving film.

That is obviously not how the film was taken. Why would someone froze it for several seconds at the beginning? Certainly not to film Ruby because he was not yet a figure in the JFK assassination saga. The Wizard,  Amy Joyce, and I are all convinced that that image of Ruby, hunched over with his hands on his thighs, isn't real. It's really him but he wasn't there. And why would he be standing in that manner in that situation? 

Note that this is not the only time they inserted a still image into a film. I have been saying for 6 years, that the 2nd Doorman in the Wiegman film is a still image that was inserted, precisely because Oswald, the Doorman, was gone already. He left very soon after the Altgens photo was taken, and that's the reason he beat Baker to the lunch room. So, this guy is fake:
He's fake; I tell you he's fake. Here is a collage of the real Doorman (Oswald) and this fake guy. 

So, the one that's higher is the real Doorman, Oswald, and the shorter one is the still image that they put in.  I refer to him as the Cigar Store Indian because he is like one; rigid. 

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